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BAL Prime APD Acrylic Primer

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BAL Prime APD Acrylic Primer is a rapid-drying, coloured, acrylic primer for preparing wall and floor backgrounds prior to fixing of ceramic, mosaics and natural stone tiles in dry or wet internal and external environments.

BAL Prime APD may also be used with BAL Acrybase, BAL Level Max Levelling Compounds and with BAL WP1 waterproof coating for walls and floors. It also isolates products containing calcium sulphate such as gypsum plaster and anhydrite screeds from cement-based adhesives.

Features green/blue colouring to help ensure that a complete and even coating is obtained. Available in 2.5 litre containers. 15-30 minutes drying time (at 20°c).

Coverage: Undiluted: 100-200ml/m², Diluted (1:1): 50-100ml/m²

BAL Prime APD Acrylic Primer provides surface strength to friable surfaces and reduces the porosity of porous backgrounds/bases, preventing the formation of air bubbles and prolonging the flow time with levelling compounds. Also can be used for extending the open time of BAL Ready mixed wall tile adhesives.

BAL Prime APD Acrylic Primer can be used on the following substrates: Brick/Concrete, Rendering, Lightweight Blockwork (must be rendered), Cement:Sand Screed, Plaster, Plasterboard, Tile Backer/Fibre Cement Boards, Tongue & Groove Floorboards, Overlaid Timber Floors (15mm minimum), and Anhydrite/Calcium Sulphate Screeds.

BAL Prime APD can be used on the following areas as a primer before tiling:
Before priming with 2 coats (second coat applied at 90⁰ to the first):
• Use undiluted:
– Plaster walls (when using a BAL cementitious adhesive.
– Tongued and grooved floorboards (when using BAL Single Part Fastflex or a BAL flexible cementitious adhesive with BAL Rapid Mat Uncoupling Matting).Before priming with 1 coat:

• Use diluted 1:1 with clean water on:
– Plaster walls (when using a BAL ready-mixed adhesive), only if dusty or porous.
– Cement screeds/concrete/brick/rendering
Before priming with 2 coats (second coat applied at 90⁰ to the first):

• Use diluted 1:1 with clean water first coat, second coat undiluted:
– Calcium sulphate screeds.
– Anhydrite screeds.
The following substrates may require priming on the face of the board. Check suitability for the intended purpose with the manufacturer.
Before priming with 1 coat:

• Use undiluted or diluted 1:1 with water by volume (refer to board manufacturer for guidance:
– Lightweight tile backer boards
– Calcium silicate boards
– Fibre-reinforced cement sheets
For levelling or waterproofing, refer to BAL product data sheet for priming guidance i.e. BAL Level Max or BAL WP1

1. Shake container well before use.
2. Can be used undiluted/diluted 1:1 by volume of BAL Prime APD and clean water and thoroughly mix.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT use in temperatures below 5°C.
1. Ensure surfaces are free from dirt, grease and other loose materials. Brush down highly polished surfaces with a stiff bristle brush before priming.
2. Apply 1 – 2 coats of BAL Prime APD using a clean brush from a container, diluted or undiluted as appropriate (See SURFACE PREPARATION above). Allow to dry between coats.
NOTE: If using on floor, do NOT allow to form puddles.
3. Ensure even coverage.
4. Allow to dry thoroughly for 15-30 minutes before applying adhesive.
5. Clean product from tools using clean water.

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