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Mapei Mapegum WPS

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Mapei Mapegum WPS is a fast drying flexible liquid membrane for waterproofing substrates. It is a flexible, anti-fracture membrane that should be applied before the installation of ceramic tiles or stone material. Available in 5kg and 10kg tubs.

Mapei Mapegum WPS is for waterproofing indoor floor and wall surfaces that are not subject to rising damp nor in permanent water immersion. It is ready to use, can be applied rapidly and floor coverings can be applied after just 12 hours.

Mapei Mapegum WPS may be used on the following:
• plasterboard, gypsum or cementitious render, lightweight cement block and marine-plywood;
• cementitious, anhydrite, wooden and magnesite substrates and existing ceramic and natural stone after the application of Eco Prim T primer.

Mapei Mapegum WPS is product certified EC1 Plus by the GEV Institute (Gemeinschaft Emissions-kontrollierte Verlegewerkstoffe e.V) as a product with very low emission of volatile organic compounds.

Some application examples:
• Waterproofing walls and floors in bathrooms and shower cubilces before laying ceramic tiles, natural stone and mosaic.
• Waterproofing kitchen walls and floors and work tops before laying ceramic tiles and natural stone.

Mapei Mapegum WPS is a ready-to-use, solvent-free, one-component, grey-coloured paste with a base of synthetic resins in water dispersion. It has a thixotropic consistency which makes it easy to apply on horizontal, sloping and vertical surfaces.

After rapid evaporation of the water content, The product forms a flexible membrane which is not sticky and which is strong enough to withstand light pedestrian traffic. The product also forms an excellent surface which bonds perfectly to adhesives used for laying ceramics, marble and natural stone.

The flexibility of Mapei Mapegum WPS enables it to withstand normal expansion and contraction movements of the substrate due to temperature variations and vibrations.

Thanks to the flexibility of Mapei Mapegum WPS, it acts as an anti-fracture membrane for substrates which are subject to light cracking (< 1 mm). It is also resistant to water, limewater (pH > 12), water which contains chlorides and normal household detergents and cleaning products.

Systems based on the use of Mapei Mapegum WPS, on which various types of tiles have been laid using MAPEI cementitious-based adhesives (such as Granirapid, Keraflex and Adesilex P9) and water dispersion adhesives (Ultramastic III), have been certified for use in damp environments by the following institutes: – Säurefliesner (Germany);

Approximately 1.5 kg/m² per mm of thickness.

Technical Data:
Consistency: paste
Colour: light grey
Density (g/cm³): 1.45
pH: 9.0
Dry solids content (%): 73
Brookfield viscosity (mPa·s): 120,000 (rotor E – 5 revs)
EMICODE: EC1 Plus – very low emission
Minimum film-forming temperature: +5°C
Recommended application temperature range: from +5°C to +35°C
Waiting time between the first and second coat: approx. 60 min (touch dry)
Waiting time before laying coating material: 12-24 hours
Completely dry (2 mm of thickness) at +23°C: 5 hours
Completely dry (2 mm of thickness) at +5°C: 12 hours

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