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Mapei Mapelastic AquaDefense

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Mapei Mapelastic AquaDefense is a ready-to-use, ultraquick drying, flexible liquid membrane for internal and external waterproofing applications. Available in 7.5kg and 15kg tubs.

Where to use:
Mapei Mapelastic AquaDefense is used to form waterproofing layers before applying ceramic, stone and mosaic coatings in:
• balconies and terraces;
• bathrooms and shower cubicles;
• laundry rooms;
• saunas and damp environments in general.

Mapei Mapelastic AquaDefense may be applied on:
• concrete;
• cementitious screeds and screeds made using special binders (Mapei Topcem, Mapei Topcem Pronto, Mapei Mapecem or Mapei Mapecem Pronto);
• plasterboard (for internal applications only);
• existing coatings in ceramic, terrazzo and stone;
• cementitious render.

Mapei Mapelastic AquaDefense is a totally solvent-free, ready-to-use,ultra-quick drying, one-component light blue synthetic resin based paste in water dispersion.

Mapei Mapelastic AquaDefense is easy to apply using a long-haired roller, brush or trowel on horizontal, sloping and vertical surfaces. It dries very quickly to form a flexible sheath without a sticky surface. It is resistant to light pedestrian traffic after just 3 hours and forms an excellent grip with all types of adhesive for laying ceramic, stone material and mosaic of all kinds.

The flexible nature of the product helps it withstand normal movements caused by expansion and shrinkage of the substrate due to temperature variations and vibration. Tiles laid on floors waterproofed with Mapei Mapelastic AquaDefense by using C2F-class MAPEI adhesives (such as Mapei Granirapid, Mapei Elastorapid, etc.) and grouted with Mapei Ultracolor Plus may be opened to pedestrian traffic within only 12 hours of starting the work.

Times refer to the temperature and humidity conditions as indicated before.

Resistant to water, lime-water (ph > 12), water containing chlorine and detergents commonly used for cleaning residential environments.

1 kg/m² for two coats (1.3 kg/m² per mm of thickness).

Technical Data:
Consistency: paste
Colour: light blue
Density (g/cm³): 1.30
pH: 9.5
Dry solids content: 66
Brookfield Viscosity (mPa·s): 45,000 (spindle 6 – 10 rpm)
Minimum filming temperature: +5°C
Recommended application temperature: from +5°C to +35°C
Waiting time between first and second coat: approximately 60 minutes (when dry to the touch)
Waiting time before laying coating: 3-4 hours
Complete drying of 1 mm thick layer: 12 hours

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