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Mapei Mapeband SA Self Adhesive Tape

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Mapei Mapeband SA Self Adhesive Tape is a self-adhesive butyl rubber tape used to waterproof fillets between horizontal and vertical surfaces on terraces, balconies and in bathrooms and showers. It measure 100mm wide, has an approximate thickness of 2mm and comes in rolls of 25 metres.

This tape is a complementary product for elastic waterproofing systems, such as those of Mapelastic and Aquaflex Roof ranges, or such as Mapegum WPS.

Mapei Mapeband SA Self Adhesive Tape is a self-adhesive tape made from butyl rubber with alkali-resistant, non-woven polypropylene fabric bonded on the outer surface that guarantees excellent adhesion for the waterproofing system to be applied over it.

Mapei Mapeband SA Self Adhesive Tape adheres to various types of nonabsorbent substrates such as aluminium, copper, steel, plastic, bitumen waterproofing membranes, ceramic and to absorbent substrates such as concrete, masonry, aerated concrete, fibre reinforced cement and render. It is immediately resistant to water and heavy rain and has good tear strength.

Some application examples:

  • Waterproofing corners and fillets between floors and walls on terraces, balconies and in bathrooms.
  • Sealing different types of material (bitumen membranes, metal, ceramic and cementitious screeds).
  • Sealing small, hard-to-reach fillets such as thosebetween window and door fittings, ledges and substrates.


  • Do not use on damp substrates.
  • Do not use to seal areas subjected to water under pressure.
  • Use in combination with waterproofing systems such as Mapegum WPS or Aquaflex Roof or with products from the Mapelastic range such as Mapelastic Aquadefense.
  • If applied on ceramic, treat the surface with a coat of Eco Prim Grip primer before applying.
  • When applying the product on bitumen membranes, treat surfaces beforehand with a coat of Primer for Aquaflex.
  • Apply at a temperature between +5°C and +30°C.


Substrate preparation:
Surfaces on which Mapei Mapeband SA is to be applied must be well-cured, sound, clean and dry and must be free of all traces of oil, grease, cement laitance and any other product or substance that could prevent the adhesive tape from adhering fully. Mapei Mapeband SA may be applied on concrete, solid and perforated bricks and concrete blocks as long as they have no sharp corners or rough edges. If surfaces need to be skimmed, use a product from Mapei’s Planitop or Mapegrout ranges.

On crumbly or dusty screeds, consolidate the surface with Mapei Primer 3296 before applying the product. Consumption varies from 0.1 to 0.5 kg/m², depending on the absorption and porosity
of the surface to be treated. For existing ceramic floors, on the other hand, the surface must be treated with Mapei Eco Prim Grip before applying the tape.

If Mapei Mapeband SA needs to be applied on a bitumen membranes, it must be perfectly clean and treated with a coat of Primer for Aquaflex. Apply the tape when the primer is touch dry.

Application of the product:
Unroll the Mapei Mapeband SA, place it on a solid base and trim to the length required with a cutter. Place the Mapei Mapeband SA at the start of the fillet to be waterproofed and partially remove one of the two sides of the protective film. Press down on the tape from the centre towards the edges to help it adhere and to prevent creases forming and air bubbles remaining under the tape. Remove the remaining protective film to complete application of the strip of the tape. Joints between strips of tape must overlap by at least 5 cm.

Once all the tape has been applied, go over the entire surface with a rubber roller to make sure it is well adhered. To finish, waterproof the substrate with a product from the Mapelastic range, such as Mapelastic Aquadefense, Mapegum WPS or Aquaflex Roof.

Technical Data:

Types of material: butyl rubber with non-woven fabric
Colour: grey
Width (mm): 100
Thickness (mm): approx. 2
Density of layer of butyl rubber (g/cm³)
ISO 10563: approx. 1.60

Product Datasheet

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