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Schluter SHOWERPROFILE S Sloped Tile Trim

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The Schluter SHOWERPROFILE S Sloped Tile Trim is a two part tile trim profile with a tapered edge, designed to cover adjoining tile edges that become exposed as the shower floor slopes to accommodate drainage to the Schlüter KERDI LINE Drainage Trap.

The two parts consist of a tapered profile made of brushed stainless steel and a support profile made from hard PVC with a U shaped groove designed to hold the sloped stainless steel profile in place. The sloped profile has a fleece fabric on the reverse for bonding with the tile adhesive. The profile can then be used for lateral transitions to the wall or the adjoining floor.

The Schluter SHOWERPROFILE S PVC support profile is available in 3 different internal heights, from 6 mm to 12.5 mm to match the thickness of the tiles installed in the floor of the shower. The sloped profiles are available in lengths of 1.2, 1.6 or 2 metres, with a height (H1) of 6 or 10 mm at the low side. They feature a slope of 2% (the equivalent of 2 mm for every 10 cm of length). The Schluter SHOWERPROFILE S profile is simply cut to size at the low and/or high side to obtain the required profile height and length. In addition, the height can be further adjusted by inserting the profile into the U shaped support section to various depths. The various dimensions are shown visually in the image below.

Schluter SHOWERPROFILE S Profile Dimensions

The Schluter SHOWERPROFILE S Sloped Tile Trim can be used with the Schluter SHOWERPROFILE R Trim – this is a two part wall transition profile made of brushed stainless steel for covering the exposed wall area where the floor slopes down to a perimeter linear drain.

The Schluter SHOWERPROFILE S Sloped Tile Trim is made from brushed stainless steel V4A – material no. 1.4404 = AISI 316L. A fleece fabric is laminated on the backside of the sloped profile for bonding with the tile adhesive. The support profile of Schluter SHOWERPROFILE S is made of rigid recycled PVC. The visible surface of the profile is covered with a protective foil.

The protective foil must be removed before installation.

  1. After cutting to length, press the trapezoid perforated anchoring leg of the Schluter SHOWERPROFILE S support profile into the previously applied tile adhesive on the floor and align.
  2. Measure the required length and height of the tapered profile (front: lowest height; rear: greatest height). Keep in mind the insertion depth into the U shaped groove.
  3. Cut the tapered profile to size for the required height.
    Note: Simply cut the profile at the narrow and/or broad end to cut it to the required height and length. Apply tile adhesive to the back of the cut tapered profile and insert it into the U shaped support profile. Press it in place and align it flush with the floor or wall.

The Schluter SHOWERPROFILE S Sloped Tile Trim requires no special maintenance or care. The profile can be cleaned along with the covering, using suitable detergents. The visible surfaces of the profile  can be polished with commercial chrome polishing products. Stainless steel surfaces exposed to the environment or aggressive substances should be cleaned periodically using a mild household cleaner. Regular cleaning not only maintains the neat appearance of stainless steel, but also reduces the risk of corrosion. All cleaning agents must be free of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid. Avoid contact with other metals, such as regular steel, to prevent corrosion. This also includes installation tools such as trowels or steel wool, e.g. for the removal of mortar residue. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents on the sensitive surfaces. We recommend the use of the stainless steel cleaning polish Schlüter CLEAN CP.

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Additional information

Support Profile Internal Height

5mm, 10mm, 12.5mm

Tapered Profile Length

1.2m, 1.6m, 2m