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Schluter KERDI BOARD U is a Schluter KERDI BOARD Tile Backer Board panel with 2 pre-cut V-shaped grooves in the middle of the board to allow it to be folded into a U shape for pipe panelling. Schluter KERDI BOARD U Panels measure 2600 x 625mm and come in two different folding sizes – U30, which measures 160 x 300 x 160mm, and U20, which measures 210 x 200 x 210mm. Both sizes use 19mm thick board.

Schluter KERDI BOARD U panels are shipped in a spacesaving flat design, which makes them easy to store. The flat panels make it easy and quick to cut to the necessary dimensions. The panel is then folded for installation, with a prepared adhesive strip holding the 3 sides together in V shaped grooves.

Schluter KERDI BOARD U is made from an extruded XPS hard foam, with a cement-free reinforcement layer laminated onto both sides, together with an anchoring fleece webbing. The surface of the board has gridlines consisting of 10 x 10 mm squares printed on one side. This board is waterproof and can withstand all chemical stresses that typically occur in conjunction with tile coverings, and is completely level and remains free of distortions and decay. It will not rot and is highly stable, even with one side exposed to temperature fluctuations and moisture.

Other variations of Schluter KERDI BOARD include:

  • Schluter KERDI BOARD Panel –  a flat panel for creating waterproof, flat tile installation substrates.
  • Schluter KERDI BOARD V –  a panel with vertical grooves cut into it for creating curved tile installation substrates.
  • Schluter KERDI BOARD E – a 90° angled board component for creating corner formations and pipe panelling.
  • Schluter KERDI BOARD N – pre-fabricated niches for easy installation of a wall niche in tiled areas.

1. This folding panel allows for quick and easy panelling of piping and electrical installations.
2. The panel has two V-shaped grooves and is supplied flat and can easily be cut to the required size. You can also cut a single Schluter KERDI BOARD U board into two angled elements with shorter legs for corner installations.
3. The panel is then folded for installation, with a prepared adhesive strip holding the sides together in a V-shaped groove.
4. Adhere the edges of the panel to the existing walls, using either thin-bed adhesive or Schluter KERDI FIX. If required, mount the angle profile Schluter KERDI BOARD ZW on the wall area first to attach the panel.

Technical Data:
Thermal conductivity: DIN EN 12667 0.035 W/mK
Temperature resistance: –50 to +75°C
Material density (hard foam): DIN EN 1602 33 kg/m3
Water penetration capacity: 0
Water vapour diffusion resistance rating*: DIN EN 12086
Panel thicknesses 5, 9, 12.5 mm: µ = 1550
Panel thicknesses 19, 28, 38, 50 mm: µ = 440
Linear heat expansion coefficient: 0.007 mm/mK
Useable area:
Panel size 1250mm x 625mm: 0.78 m2
Panel size 2600mm x 625mm: 1.62 m2

Product Datasheet

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2600 x 625 x 19mm – U20, 2600 x 625 x 19mm – U30


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