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Kerakoll Neutro Color Silicone 310ml

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Kerakoll Neutro Color Silicone is a decorative sealant for use with facades and natural stone tiles. It is a neutral curing silicone that neutral reticulation with no unstable, migrant components guaranteeing a perfect seal with no streaking or stains on the delicate surfaces of marble and natural stone. Kerakoll Neutro Color Silicone is suitable for use on cement-based and porous material substrates.

Kerakoll Neutro Color Silicone is available in 12 colours to complement common colours from the Kerakoll Fugabella Color Grout 50-colour range: 02, 04, 06, 08, 10, 20, 21, 24, 25, 32, 43 and 44.

Kerakoll Neutro Color Silicone can be used for internal and external use, including environments subject to freezing, on fractionizing, expansion and connection joints in balconies, terraces, facades, bathrooms, showers, window and door frames and swimming pools.

Do not use Kerakoll Neutro Color Silicone on rubber, plastic and bituminous materials that weep oils, solvents and plasticizers; in the realisation of joints subject to high abrasion.

Areas of application:
Kerakoll Neutro Color Silicone is for elastic, waterproof sealing of expansion and connection joints on:

  • porcelain tiles, low thickness slabs, ceramic tiles, klinker, cotto, glass and ceramic mosaic, of all types and formats
  • bathroom fittings, showers
  • glass and wood or metal doors and windows
  • prefabricated concrete panels, exposed surfaces in concrete
  • clay bricks and natural stone
  • cement-based screeds and plasters or cement lime mortar

Application Instructions:

  • Substrate preparation: The sides of the joints to be sealed must be perfectly dry, clean and free from any traces of grease, dust or rust. Remove all flaky or loose parts and carefully remove rust from metals. When preparing visible joints, and in order to achieve a clean sealing line, the user should protect the edges using normal adhesive tape.
  • Kerakoll Neutro Color Silicone is ready-to-use. After cutting the conical nozzle of the cartridge, cut the spout at an angle of 45° to fit the width of the seal to be realised and screw it onto the cartridge. Then insert the tube of silicone into the appropriate manual or pneumatic applicator gun, start sealant extrusion and fill the joint.
  • Areas close to joints must be protected with masking tape to prevent substrates from being contaminated and to ensure even sealing. Remove masking tape immediately after smoothing the sealant. Make sure the silicone has been compacted deep into the joints to ensure optimum adhesion. To achieve a perfect finish, pass a metal or plastic spreader soaked in soapy water over the surface in one, continual movement if possible. In order to ensure a reliable sealing, capable of withstanding expansion and contraction stress, the following conditions are necessary:
    1. the joint is applied so that movement will not exceed 25% of joint width.
    2. the ratio between width and sealant depth is between 1 and 2.
    3. the sealant adheres only to the sides of the joint and not to the substrate. Use Joint preformed polyethylene foam sub-joint layer to adapt depth and prevent adhesion to the substrate.
  • Cleaning: Residual traces of sealant can be removed with common solvents such as toluene or petrol. Once hardened, Kerakoll Neutro Color Silicone can only be removed by mechanical means.

Please note: Do not use Kerakoll Neutro Color Silicone in completely closed areas as the product will polymerise in atmospheric humidity. Brush the joint within 5 minutes after application to ensure the best contact between sealant and substrate.

A base coat is normally not necessary. Specific substrates (porous substrates, plastic materials) may require the use of Kerakoll Keragrip Eco Pulep adhesion promoter to ensure maximum adhesion. This product is recommended for all situations at risk from dust. Kerakoll Neutro Color Silicone is non-paintable.

Technical Data:
Appearance: white or coloured thixotropic paste
Specific weight: ≈ 1.02 kg/dm3
Chemical nature: neutral cross-linked silicone sealant
Shelf life: ≈ 18 months in the original packaging
Warning: protect from frost, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat
Pack: 310 ml cartridge
Max. allowed movement: ≤ 25% ISO 9047
Joint minimum width: ≥ 6 mm
Joint max. width: ≤ 25 mm
W/D ratio sealing cross-section: > 1 / < 2
Temperature range for application: from +5 °C to +40 °C
Curing time: ≥ 15 min.
Reticulation: ≈ 3 mm / 24 hrs
Shrinkage: ≤ 10% ISO 10563
Coverage: see approximate coverage table on the datasheet, linked below.

Product Datasheet

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Colour 02 – 310ml, Colour 04 – 310ml, Colour 06 – 310ml, Colour 08 – 310ml, Colour 10 – 310ml, Colour 20 – 310ml, Colour 21 – 310ml, Colour 24 – 310ml, Colour 25 – 310ml, Colour 32 – 310ml, Colour 43 – 310ml, Colour 44 – 310ml


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