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Mapei Primer FD Silicone Bonding Enhancer

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Mapei Primer FD Silicone Bonding Enhancer is an adhesion promoter for silicone and hybrid sealants from the Mapei range. It is designed to be applied before Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone when using it on concrete, wood, metal, painted surfaces, plastic and rubber or in case of joints subject to prolonged immersion into water, to promote adhesion of the silicone to the substrate and enhance longevity of the joint.

Mapei Primer FD Silicone Bonding Enhancer is a one component, silicone resin based neutral primer. It is a yellow transparent liquid. It is applied on the joint shoulders so as to obtain a transparent film (absorbent substrates require several coats).

It must be used on rigid surfaces only, do not use it with natural stones subject to staining.


Preparing the surfaces: All the surfaces to receive the sealant must be dry solid and free from dust and loose particles, oils, grease, wax, old paint and rust.
Application: Mapei Primer FD must be applied with a small brush onto the surfaces and left to dry for several minutes to allow the solvent to evaporate. Then apply the desired Mapei Sealant as required. The sealant is to be used as soon as the primer is dry and within the same day.

Coverage of Mapei Primer FD varies depending on surface absorbency and is approximately 100-300 g/m². Supplied in  a 0.2kg bottle.

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