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JACKOBOARD Waterproofing Membrane

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JACKOBOARD Waterproofing Membrane is a waterproofing slurry coating that cures to a seamless, durable protective membrane, inhibiting the passage of moisture from within tiled areas subjected to regular exposure to water such as bathrooms and wet rooms through to the underlying substrates and structures that are sensitive to the effects of prolonged water migration.

JACKOBOARD Waterproofing Membrane can be applied to most common building substrate materials such as tile backer boards, plaster, render, plasterboards, timber, suspended floors and plywood overlays. It is mainly designed to be used with the JACKOBOARD Sealing Tape, Corners & Pipe Collars and the JACKOBOARD Self Adhesive Sealing Tape & Corners to seal joints, corner junctions and around protruding pipes in JACKOBOARD Plano Tile Backer Board installations prior to tiling.

JACKOBOARD Waterproofing Membrane is flexible enough to accommodate any slight movement or vibration which may be expected under normal conditions of use in and around structurally stable floors, walls, showers and utility fittings.

JACKOBOARD Waterproofing Membrane is supplied in 7.5kg tubs.

The surface to be sealed with JACKOBOARD Waterproofing Membrane should be stable, sound and free from oil, grease and loose deleterious coatings. Timber floors and walls must also have sufficient ventilation from behind and below to avoid interstitial condensation. Ensure the receiving surface is free from any gaps & depressions and that gypsum-based surfaces have been allowed sufficient time to fully cure & dry out. Seal all gaps, joints and cracks with JACKOBOARD Boardfix Sealing Adhesive or in wider gaps a suitable repair compound and then allow this to fully cure before proceeding.

Application Instructions:

  1. Prime all non-cementitious surfaces to be coated (floors and walls) with a coat of JACKOBOARD Primer and allow up to 3 hours curing time. JACKOBOARD Plano Tile Backer Boards and other XPS type tile backer boards do NOT require priming.
  2. Using a brush or roller apply JACKOBOARD Waterproofing Membrane to all wall and floor joints in a band wider than the width of the sealing tape. Apply JACKOBOARD Sealing Tape, Corners & Pipe Collars over joint lines and corner areas while the coating is still wet, smoothing down the tape as you go to remove air bubbles and bedding it securely in the membrane. Apply the pre-formed corner pieces first then overlap with the sealing tape. If using the JACKOBOARD Self Adhesive Sealing Tape & Corners, apply these first then a coating of membrane on top.
  3. Apply final coat over all exposed areas of tape so the full area is of a consistent colour & even finish.
  4. Leave to dry overnight or for at least eight hours before tiling (depending on site conditions). We recommend a full 24-hour cure for cold & damp site conditions.
  5. Allow 24 hours for the JACKOBOARD Waterproofing Membrane coating to dry out and re-apply a fresh coat over any voids or areas where the first application has failed to achieve sufficient coverage.

Technical Data:

Unit size: 7.5kg
Colour: Dark Grey
Minimum 2-coat thickness: 0.7mm
Density: 1.5 Kg/Litre
Drying time (1st coat): 1 hour @ 23°C
Drying tine (2nd coat): 2 to 3 hours @ 23°C
Crack bridging: >0.75mm

Product Datasheet

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