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Ardex K15 HB High Build Levelling Compound 25kg

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Ardex K15 HB High Build Levelling Compound is an advanced and versatile high build levelling compound designed for applications from 5mm up to a maximum of 35mm. It is virtually tension free and is designed to rapidly level uneven, hard sub-floors.

Used in conjunction with either Ardex P82, Ardex P51 or Ardex P4 primers, Ardex K15 HB can be applied to old sub-floors, e.g. concrete and other hard and rigid bases.

Ardex K15 HB is a grey powder consisting of special cements, graded aggregates and high quality synthetic resins. When mixed with water, a fluid, pumpable mortar is produced which can be applied to the required thickness in one operation.

For thicknesses greater than 20mm it is possible to incorporate larger Ardex Coarse Aggregate in the mixed mortar, thus giving significant cost savings for greater application thicknesses. When applied at 20°C Ardex K15 HB can normally be walked on after approximately 2 hours. The applied product dries and hardens rapidly so that even thick applications are ready to receive resilient floor finishes such as PVC within 24 hours. Ceramic floor tiles can be installed on top as soon as the surface has attained sufficient strength and hardness, typically 4 hours after application at 20°C.

Ardex K15 HB will level internal sub-floors of concrete, cement/sand, etc. Applications include levelling tamped, uneven, damaged or rained-on in-situ concrete sub-floors, adjusting tolerances or camber problems between floors, slabs or pre-cast concrete as well as pre-levelling old sub-floors and screeds in renovation projects. Especially useful where the installation time of the floor finish must be kept to a minimum.

Ardex K15 HB should be applied at thicknesses greater than 7mm to benefit from its levelling properties. Where surface finish is not critical, for example when used as a base mix or below tiling, Ardex K15 HB may be applied down to a minimum of 5mm in thickness. When applying at thicknesses of over 20mm, Ardex Coarse Aggregate may be incorporated.

When applying Ardex K15 HB to dense, impervious surfaces e.g. quarry tiles, primed with Ardex P82 or Ardex P4 primer, the thickness should not exceed 10mm in depth. Contact the Ardex Technical Services Department for further information.

NOTE: It is recommended that the floorcovering or smoothing layer if required, is applied within 48 hours to avoid contamination of the floor, if not, the surface should be covered until the the floorcovering is laid or the surface smoothed.

Approximately 1.8kg powder/m2/mm. e.g. one bag will cover approximately 2.7m2 at 5mm thickness.

Technical Data:
Weight of fresh mortar approx. 2.13kg/litre
Working time at 20°C approx. 30 minutes
Flow life at 20°C approx. 15 minutes
Initial Set (Vicat) approx. 30 minutes
Final Set (Vicat) approx. 2 hours

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