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Schluter KERDI KM Pipe Collar

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The Schluter KERDI KM Pipe Collar is a pre-fabricated sealing collar for sealing around pipe outlets and openings when waterproofing areas using Schluter KERDI 200 Membrane. It is made from the same material – a waterproof soft polyethylene membrane which has been covered on both sides with a special fleece webbing to anchor the membrane in suitable tile adhesive.

The pipe collar measures a diameter of 150mm, with a 22mm diameter hole in the centre to fit up to a 25mm pipe. Comes as a pack of 5 individual collars.

We recommend using Schluter KERDI COLL L when installing Schluter KERDI KM Pipe Collars.

Other accessories available to use with this product include internal and external corners – Schluter KERDI KERECK, sealing tape to seal butt joints or corner joints – Schluter KERDI KEBA, which comes in widths of 85mm, 125mm, 15mm, 185mm and 250mm. Schluter KERDI FLEX, in widths of 125mm or 250mm, is used to seal over expansion joints or flexible edge joints.

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