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Schluter KERDI 200 Membrane

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Schluter KERDI 200 is a crack bridging waterproof membrane made of soft polyethylene, which has been covered on both sides with a special fleece webbing to anchor the membrane in suitable tile adhesive.

Schluter KERDI 200 features imprinted gridlines on one side for easier cutting. In addition to indicating how much material is left, the imprint also shows the minimum overlap width of 5 cm for working with multiple membrane sheets.

Schluter KERDI 200 Membrane is available in the following sizes: 1m x 5m, 1m x 10m, 1m x 30m, 1.5m x 20m, 2m x 15m and per 1m x 1m unit, supplied as a single roll.

Schluter KERDI 200 was developed as a bonded waterproofing assembly with ceramic tile and natural stone coverings and is therefore suitable for applications in accordance with the German standards DIN 18531*, DIN 18534, and DIN 18535*. Water exposure classes according to DIN 18534: W0-I to W3-I*.

For commercial applications with high humidity levels, such as spas and swimming pools, the use of Schluter KERDI DS waterproofing membrane and vapour barrier is required.

The waterproofing membrane should be bonded to an even, load bearing substrate with an appropriate adhesive. We recommend using a 4mm notch trowel (such as a Schluter TROWEL) to spread the bonding adhesive. The tiles are laid directly on the membrane using the appropriate adhesive and bedding for the chosen tile or stone. Other trowel applied covering materials or plaster may also be used.

Accessories for Schluter KERDI 200 include internal and external corners – Schluter KERDI KERECK, as well as pipe collars – Schluter KERDI KM and KERDI MV. Sealing tape to seal butt joints or corner joints – Schluter KERDI KEBA, which comes in widths of 85mm, 125mm, 15mm, 185mm and 250mm. Schluter KERDI FLEX, in widths of 125mm or 250mm, is used to seal over expansion joints or flexible edge joints. When installing this membrane the joints should be overlapped by at least 50mm or abutted then fully covered with Schluter KERDI KEBA sealing band, using the sealing adhesive Schluter KERDI COLL L.

Since bonded waterproofing assemblies with Schluter KERDI 200 do not have the necessary uncoupling function for screed and tile coverings in outdoor areas that are subject to temperature changes, we recommend using this product in conjunction with Schluter DITRA DRAIN or Schluter DITRA 25 for a combined bonded waterproofing and uncoupling function.

Schluter KERDI 200 is waterproof and resistant to most chemicals commonly encountered in tiled environments. It is resistant to ageing, does not rot and is characterised by its elasticity.
The product is highly resistant to saline solutions, acid and alkaline solutions, many organic solvents, alcohols and oils. Information regarding its resistance to specific stresses can be provided if concentration, temperature and period of exposure are known.

Verify that the substrate on which the product is to be placed is even, load bearing and free from moisture. Surfaces which inhibit proper adhesion must be removed or appropriately treated.

Schluter KERDI 200 is suitable for wall and floor surfaces where protection against the penetration of moisture or other harmful substances is necessary. Surfaces include bath tub surrounds, showers and areas surrounding swimming pools. Industrial applications include, the food industry, breweries and dairies. Swimming pools and similar structures are subject to special requirements. Please contact Schluter UK for further information if you are planning this type of project.

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1m x 1m (supplied as a continuous roll), 1m x 5m, 1m x 10m, 1m x 30m, 1.5m x 20m, 2m x 15m

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  1. RC

    Being able to order this “by the metre” is really helpful and cost effective where you don’t need or want a full 30m roll.

  2. SD
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