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Mapei Mapeheat Membrane / Cable

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The Mapei Mapeheat Membrane & Cable system combines the Mapei Mapeheat uncoupling membrane with the electric Mapei Mapeheat heating cable. Please note that the membrane/cables are supposed to be ordered as individual items, they are not supplied in kit form.

Mapei Mapeheat Membrane is a lightweight uncoupling, anti-fracture and waterproofing membrane for electrical underfloor heating, available in either a 5m² or 15m² roll. This patented membrane is designed to speed up the installation of tile and stone in interior rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and living areas where the luxury of radiant floor heating is desired. Mapei Mapeheat Membrane’s thin profile works well with remodelling projects where the new floor will be installed directly over a pre-existing one. Once the Mapei Mapeheat Heating Cable is set within Mapei Mapeheat Membrane’s rounded square reliefs, a tile adhesive or levelling/ smoothing compound can be applied immediately. Mapei Mapeheat Membrane helps prevent transmission of in-plane substrate cracks up to 3mm. It measures 5.5mm in thickness and features minimal roll memory for faster installation. Recommended for use with polymer-modified adhesives.

Mapei Mapeheat Cable is a free-form, twin coil, floor-heating cable for use in any residential or commercial interior room where the comfort of radiant floor heating is desired. The cable can be spaced a number of matting dimples apart to provide heating outputs of 95, 125 or 150 W/m² respectively based on the desired wattage output requirements of the installation. Mapei Mapeheat Cable is available in 8 sizes, ranging from 14.5m-98m in length, which can cover areas from as small as 1.1 m² up to 12.4 m², depending on the cable spacing/heat output used. Please view the table guide which details the area coverage/heat output for each size of cable.

The Mapei Mapeheat Membrane & Cable system can be controlled via the Mapei Mapeheat range of thermostats – the Mapei Mapeheat Thermo Basic, Thermo Connect and Thermo Touch.

The Mapei Mapeheat Membrane & Cable system can be used under ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles in interior residential spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, shower floors and living areas. It can also be used as a substrate for self-levellers under engineered wood, luxury vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl planks, laminate flooring and mosaic tiles.

Installation Instructions:

Bonding Mapei Mapeheat Membrane to the substrate:
1. Select an appropriate C2 classified adhesive such as Mapei Keraquick S1, Ultralite S1 or better.
2. Pre-cut and dry-fit the Mapei Mapeheat Membrane in place, and then set aside.
3. Apply the adhesive to the substrate. If the substrate is existing tile, stone, luxury vinyl tiles or terrazzo, prime the surface using Mapei Eco Prim Grip Plus before applying the adhesive.
4. Lay the previously cut portion of Mapei Mapeheat Membrane over the wet adhesive, fabric side down.
5. Lay the next sheet of Mapei Mapeheat Membrane, taking care to align it with the previous one, without overlapping. Align the square reliefs.
6. For a proper bond between Mapei Mapeheat Membrane and the substrate, use a weighted roller over the installed membrane. For smaller pieces of membrane, use a wood float, steel trowel or hand roller to apply pressure.
7. After rolling the applied membrane, clean off any excess adhesive that may have squeezed up through the seams between the membrane sections.
8. Allow the adhesive to cure.

Installing the electrical Mapei Mapeheat Cable:
1. Start the installation of the heating cable and secure the joint between the cold cable and the heating cable against the subfloor or reinforcement.
2. Roll out and place the Mapeheat Cable within the dimples on the Mapei Mapeheat Membrane with the desired spacing, using a grout float or similar to ensure the cable is properly inserted into the membrane.
3. Do not install the heating cable under surfaces where holes will be made, e.g. for water closets, or under fixed furniture. Place the heating cable at least 50 mm from the wall so that fastening of possible skirting boards cannot damage the heating cable.
4. All the heating cable must be installed within the floor as it cannot be cut or shortened. Make adjustments of the cable spacing when necessary.
5. Place the thermostat sensor in a protective conduit between two adjacent cable runs.
6. For information about the thermostat – follow the supplier’s instruction.
7. Ensure that the heating cable does not cross over itself.
8. For information about floor construction such as primer/ filler/protective layer/grout/joints/floor covering – follow the supplier’s instructions.
9. Connect the heating cable to 230 V supply if the measured values are correct.

Installation of ceramic/porcelain tile and stone:
1. For regular installations, utilise the same adhesive used to bond Mapei Mapeheat Membrane to the substrate (minimum of C2 classified tile adhesive).
2. Mix the selected adhesive at the top end of recommended water ratio as outlined on the packaging.
3. Using the flat side of a trowel fill the cavities of the Mapei Mapeheat Membrane with adhesive or alternatively, a rubber grout float can be used.
4. Use the trowel’s notched side to apply adhesive over the prefilled Mapei Mapeheat Membrane. Be careful not to damage the Mapeheat Cable with the trowel. Spread only as much adhesive as can be covered before the adhesive skins over.
5. Begin to install the tile/stone. Occasionally remove a tile to ensure full coverage is being achieved.
6. For waiting times before grouting and protection from light foot traffic, refer to the TDS’s of the Mapei tile adhesive and grout used. Depending on site conditions, tile size, temperature and humidity, waiting times may need to be extended.
7. When cleaning out grout joints before grouting, be careful not to damage the cables that may be underneath.
8. Wait a minimum of 7 days after the completed installation of tiles before activating the heating cable.

Technical Data – Mapei Mapeheat Membrane:
Colour: Blue
Length: 15m or 5m
Width: 1m
Material: Polypropylene
Thickness: 5.5mm
Weight of nonwoven polypropylene bottom layer: 50g per m²
Weight of polypropylene membrane: 750g per m²

Technical Data – Mapei Mapeheat Cable:
Colour: black
Length: 14.5 m up to 98mm
Material: Copper with PVC outer jacket
Thickness: 4mm in diameter
Product specifics: Two single-conductor, Tefzel-coated resistance wires covered by a tin-plated copper braid and then coated with a durable copolymer (PVC) outer jacket
Heating cable: 2-wire, grounded, twisted pair with PVC outer jacket
Cold lead: 2-wire, plus ground braid; LS0H outer jacket; length of 2.5m
Mechanical joint: Connecting joint between the heating cable and the cold lead
Operating voltage: 230V
Power output*: 12W/m
Minimum bending radius: 30mm
Minimum cable spacing: 80mm
Circuit breaker: 10A (Type C)
Earth leakage current breaker (RCD): 30mA, 100ms
Maximum continuous exposure temperature: +90°C
Minimum installation temperature: +5°C

Mapei Mapeheat Membrane Datasheet Mapei Mapeheat Cable Datasheet

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5m² Membrane Roll, 15m² Membrane Roll, 14.5m Mapeheat Cable, 20m Mapeheat Cable, 26.5m Mapeheat Cable, 35.5m Mapeheat Cable, 46m Mapeheat Cable, 55m Mapeheat Cable, 73m Mapeheat Cable, 98m Mapeheat Cable


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