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Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone Sealant

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Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone is a solvent-free, acetic crosslinking, mildew-resistant silicone sealant with low modulus of elasticity, available in 42 colours and transparent, to match the range of Mapei Coloured Grouts. After first having used a bonding enhancer, such as Mapei Primer FD, Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone can also be used on concrete, wood, metal, painted surfaces, plastic and rubber.

Mapei Mapesil AC is available in the following colours, in 310ml tubes: 100 White, 103 Moon White, 110 Manhattan, 111 Silver Grey, 112 Medium Grey, 113 Cement Grey, 114 Anthracite, 115 River Grey, 116 Musk Grey, 119 London Grey, 120 Black, 130 Jasmine, 131 Vanilla, 132 Beige, 133 Sand, 134 Silk, 135 Golden Dust, 136 Mud, 137 Caribbean, 138 Almond, 139 Pink Powder, 141 Caramel, 142 Brown, 143 Terracotta, 144 Chocolate, 145 Terra Di Siena, 149 Volcano Sand, 150 Yellow, 152 Liquorice, 162 Violet, 170 Crocus Blue, 171 Turquoise, 172 Space Blue, 174 Tornado, 181 Jade Green, 299 Limestone, 316 White Sand, 317 Pebble, 318 Oyster, 319 Sand Storm, 320 Soft Stone, 321 Pearl, 999 Transparent.

Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone is used for:

  • Sealing expansion joints of ± 25% expansion of the initial size.
  • Forming a perfectly elastic gasket between different elements in building, mechanical engineering, ship-building, automobile manufacturing, etc.

Some application examples of Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone:

  • Sealing joints in wall and floor coverings of ceramic and cement, provided they are not subject to heavy abrasion.
  • Sealing joints between sinks or sanitary ware and ceramic tiles in kitchens, bathrooms and showers with colours coordinated with the grouts.
  • Sealing expansion joints in swimming pools.
  • Assembling compositions of glass tiles and artistic stained glass windows.
  • Sealing glazing of door and window frames.
  • Sealing air ducts, water pipes.
  • Sealing portholes, windows, glazed frames.
  • Sealing tanks, service pipes and boilers.
  • Sealing materials of different thermal exposure coefficient.
  • Adhesive and sealant for general use.

Technical Characteristics:

Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone is a one-component, acetic crosslinking, solvent-free silicone sealant, available coloured or transparent. It is a thixotropic paste which is easily trowellable both horizontally and vertically. Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone crosslinks following exposure to atmospheric humidity at ambient temperatures, and forms an elastic product with following properties:

  • Excellent durability. Seals remain unchanged even after many years exposure to climatic extremes, industrial pollution, sudden temperature changes and immersion in water;
  • High elasticity;
  • Excellent bonding to glass, ceramic and anodised aluminium;
  • Mildew resistant;
  • Waterproof and permeable to vapour;
  • Resistant to chemical agents;
  • Flexible down to -40°C and resistant to temperatures at +180°C;
  • Easily workable;
  • In compliance with ISO 11600 norm, it is classified as F-25-LM.
  • In compliance with numerous international standards.
  • In compliance with EN 15651-1, EN 15651-2, EN 15651-3 and CE-marking.


  • Do not use Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone for joints in exterior between ceramic tiles and light-coloured natural stone because dirt could accumulate by the joints. Use Mapesil LM.
  • For sealing surfaces sensitive to acids such as lime stone, use a neutral silicone sealant (e.g. Mapesil LM).
  • The use of Mapei Mapesil AC is not recommended on highly plasticised material or on bituminous surfaces because of the release of substances that reduce bonding and penetrate into the sealant, altering the colour and resistance.
  • The resistance of Mapei Mapesil AC to chemical agents is generally excellent; however, due to the numerous products and working conditions to which Mapei Mapesil AC can be applied, it is always advisable to do a sample test in cases of doubt.
  • Do not use Mapei Mapesil AC to seal aquariums.
  • For sealing floor joints subject to heavy traffic, use a polyurethane (e.g. Mapeflex PU 45 FT) or epoxy-polyurethane (e.g. Mapeflex PU20) sealant.


  • Preparing and calculating joints size:  All the surfaces to receive Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone must be dry, solid and free from dust and loose particles, oils, grease, wax, old paint and rust. In order that the seal can carry out its function, provision must be made for it to elongate and compress freely.
    During application it is therefore necessary that:
    • it adheres only to the side of the walls of the joint and not to the base of the joint;
    • the joint is sized so that the estimated maximum extension is not greater than 25% of the initial width (calculated at +20°C);
    • when the width of the joint is 10 mm, the thickness must be equal to the width; for widths between 11 and 20 mm the thickness must always be equal to 10 mm; for widths greater than the thickness must be equal to half the width.
  • To control the depth of the joint and to prevent Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone from adhering to the base, the bottom of the joint should be filled with a sized Mapefoam, a polyethylene cord
  • Application of Mapei Primer FD: Where the use of Primer FD is necessary, it must be applied with a small brush onto the appropriate areas of the joints and left to dry for several minutes to allow the solvent to evaporate. Then apply Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone.

Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone is packed in cartridges of 310 ml;  to use, cut the cartridge above the end of the thread and screw on the nozzle, which should be cut at 45° to produce a hole corresponding to the size of the joint. Insert the cartridge into the gun and extrude the sealant. The surface of Mapei Mapesil AC Silicone must be finished off with a damp tool, preferably moistened with soapy water, before a superficial film has formed.

Technical Data:
Application temperature range: from +5°C to +50°C
Extrusion speed from a 3.5 mm nozzle at a pressure of 0.5 N/mm² (g/minute): 120
Time for formation of skin (minutes): 10
Shrinkage during vulcanisation (%): 3.5
Speed of vulcanisation (mm): 4 in 1 day – 10 in 7 days

Product Datasheet

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Additional information

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100 White – 310ml, 103 Moon White – 310ml, 110 Manhattan – 310ml, 111 Silver Grey – 310ml, 112 Medium Grey – 310ml, 113 Cement Grey – 310ml, 114 Anthracite – 310ml, 115 River Grey – 310ml, 116 Musk Grey – 310ml, 119 London Grey – 310ml, 120 Black – 310ml, 130 Jasmine – 310ml, 131 Vanilla – 310ml, 132 Beige – 310ml, 133 Sand – 310ml, 134 Silk – 310ml, 135 Golden Dust – 310ml, 136 Mud – 310ml, 137 Caribbean – 310ml, 138 Almond – 310ml, 139 Pink Powder – 310ml, 141 Caramel – 310ml, 142 Brown – 310ml, 143 Terracotta – 310ml, 144 Chocolate – 310ml, 145 Terra Di Siena – 310ml, 149 Volcano Sand – 310ml, 150 Yellow – 310ml, 152 Liquorice – 310ml, 162 Violet – 310ml, 170 Crocus Blue – 310ml, 171 Turquoise – 310ml, 172 Space Blue – 310ml, 174 Tornado – 310ml, 299 Limestone – 310ml, 316 White Sand – 310ml, 317 Pebble – 310ml, 318 Oyster – 310ml, 319 Sand Storm – 310ml, 320 Soft Stone – 310ml, 321 Pearl – 310ml, 999 Transparent – 310ml

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