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JACKOBOARD 2K Waterproof Sealing Kit

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The JACKOBOARD 2K Waterproof Sealing Kit is a two-part, cement based waterproofing slurry for sealing the taped joints around the perimeter of JACKOBOARD Pre-Formed Shower Trays where they butt up to the surrounding substrate.

The JACKOBOARD 2K Waterproof Sealing Kit is only suitable for use on cement based substrates, such as a concrete screed in the instance of a shower tray installed in a solid concrete floor or the adjoining tile backer boards in the instance of a tray installed in a suspended timber ceiling. It cannot be used on timber substrates such as plywood or chipboard. For those substrates you will require the standard JACKOBOARD Waterproof Sealing Kit.

The JACKOBOARD 2K Waterproof Sealing Kit consists of a 2-part waterproofing slurry comprised of a part A (liquid) and part B (powder), 1 x 10m roll of JACKOBOARD Sealing Tape and 2 x internal corner sealing manchets.


Prior to application, the shower tray and surrounding screed/tile backer board substrate must be clean and free from any contaminates. Wipe down the surface with clean water and sponge and leave to dry before applying the waterproof sealing slurry.

To prepare the waterproofing slurry, open and pour part A liquid into the storage bucket, then gently mix in the part B powder until a smooth consistency is achieved. You can use the storage tub that the JACKOBOARD 2K Waterproof Sealing Kit is supplied in. Apply the slurry with a brush to the clean, dry joint faces with a band slightly wider than the width of the waterproof tape. Apply the tape to the slurry and bed securely by pushing the tape firmly into the joint. The flat edge of a trowel can be used. Apply the internal corners pieces first and overlap the straight tapes over the corner pieces. Finally, apply another coat of the slurry over the top face of the tape and corners and leave to dry. Once dry, tiling the shower tray and surrounding area can commence.

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