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JACKOBOARD Glass Fibre Scrim Tape

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JACKOBOARD Glass Fibre Scrim Tape is a fibreglass re-enforcing tape on a roll which is backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive. Designed to be used to reinforce the joint areas between abutting edges of JACKOBOARD Plano Tile Backer Boards. It can also be used to repair holes or damaged areas in tile backer board installations.

Supplied in a roll measuring 125mm wide and 25 metres long.

JACKOBOARD Glass Fibre Scrim Tape is quick and easy to apply. First, ensure the joint area to be reinforced is clean, dry and free from oil and dust. Place the tape into position and apply directly to the joint, pressing down firmly on the tape to ensure good adhesion to the surface below. For crack and hole repairs, the tape must be extended at least 25mm from the edge of the area to be repaired, butting (never overlapping) the tape.

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