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EcoProTec Blackstone Colour Restorer

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EcoProTec Blackstone Colour Restorer is a water-based black impregnating sealer. It is for restoring the appearance of all types of faded dark natural and artificial stone including limestone, marble, slate, and concrete pavers.

Directions for use:

Preparation: Ensure surface to be treated is completely clean, dry, and free from dirt, grime, cement, and grout. If necessary, first wash surfaces with a dilute solution of EcoProTec Intensive Cleaner at a ratio 1:5 and scrub with a white nylon pad. Rinse well to remove residues and leave to dry.

Application: Wear gloves and ensure that any surfaces not to be treated are covered and protected.

IMPORTANT: EcoProTec Blackstone Colour Restorer is a permanent staining solution that will darken the surface of the stone and the grout joints making it very difficult to remove once applied. It is an impregnating sealer that needs to fully absorb into the stone. EcoProTec Blackstone Colour Restorer is not film forming, so any excess left on the surface should be removed. Always test EcoProTec Blackstone Colour Restorer on a small area before general application to help establish best method and optimum number of coats required. Do not walk on treated surfaces until the solution has completely dried.

Shake bottle well before use. Work in manageable areas at a time as far as you can reach without stepping into the solution. Apply a small amount of EcoProTec Blackstone Colour Restorer to the surface and spread out evenly using a sealant applicator, foam roller or paint brush.

Allow EcoProTec Blackstone Colour Restorer to penetrate the stone. If a second coat is required apply immediately after the first has absorbed. Do not allow the first coat to fully dry before application.

Do not walk on the surface for at least 4 hours after the final application of EcoProTec Blackstone Colour Restorer. Once dry and to help ensure an even application it may be necessary to work off any visible excess using a dry towel. Allow newly treated surfaces to cure for 24 hours. If necessary, wash surfaces with a 1 : 10 dilute solution of EcoProTec Intensive Cleaner. This will help to remove any excess that is difficult to rub off. Before allowing traffic gently rub the surface in a few areas with white cloth or paper towel to make sure that it is colourfast.

Do not use EcoProTec Blackstone Colour Restorer when surfaces are very cold or very hot. Ideally between 5 – 25°C.

Up to 30m² per Litre, per coat.

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