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Lithofin Nano TOP

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Lithofin Nano TOP is a special LITHOFIN product developed for professional use. It is a high performance impregnator that contains highly active water and oil repellent nano-particles based on polysiloxanes in organic solvents.

Lithofin Nano TOP is liquid, colourless, ready-to-use, and easy to apply.

Lithofin Nano TOP protects natural stone against staining, without changing the natural appearance of the surface.

Lithofin Nano TOP contains active components that build a thin, invisible film inside the capillary system of the stone, which repels water, oil, and grease. The time oil and other substances can remain on the surface without leaving any trace depends on the type of stone as well as the properties of the surface. Estimates based on Lab Tests: approx. 48 hours on limestone approx. 72 hours on polished granite, though values of 168 hours are achievable on some materials (e.g. imperial white, multicolour and others. During this time, substances such as oil can be wiped off the surface without leaving any stains. The water permeability of the stone remains intact.

Lithofin Nano TOP is UV-resistant and does not yellow. It protects against staining and simplifies the maintenance of nearly all natural stone surfaces.

Suitable for sensitive surfaces such as kitchen work tops, table tops, window sills, vanity tops, bathrooms, etc.

Surfaces: granite, gneiss, and gabbros with polished or rough surfaces. Highly suitable for engineered stone.

Attention: limestone and marble remain acid-sensitive. The surface of some types of honed or brushed stone (e.g. nero assoluto, nero impala) becomes darker.

Lithofin Nano TOP Technical Data:
Density: approx. 0.8 g/cm³
Flashpoint: ca. 16°C
Appearance: colourless
Odour: aromatic

Directions for Use:
The area to be treated must be absorbent, completely dry, clean as well as free of oil, wax and grease. The surface temperature must lie between 10°C and 25°C. Always test Lithofin Nano TOP on a spare piece.

Apply Lithofin Nano TOP undiluted and evenly with a clean brush, roller or cloth. On highly absorbent surfaces, the application may have to be repeated after about 10 min. Allow to penetrate for 20 min. Important for unpolished surfaces: do not allow the surface residues to dry, wipe off with clean cloth.

On polished surfaces: product residues can be removed with a micro fibre cloth for up to 12 hours.

Please Note: glass, ceramics, wood, and other surfaces sensitive to solvents must be protected against splashes.

Coverage: depending on the absorbency of the stone.

polished granite, gneiss: approx.15 m²/ litre
rough/honed granite: approx. 10 m²/ litre
other honed surfaces: approx. 6-20 m²/litre

Drying Time: approx. 30 minutes. Work piece can be transported after 2 hours. Do not use suction cups. Lithofin Nano TOP will be fully effective after 5 days.

Durability, Aftercare:
The full effect of the impregnator lasts approx. 3 years. Through regular maintenance with Lithofin MN Easy Clean the effect of Lithofin Nano TOP can be prolonged almost indefinitely. Please Note: wipe up any spills immediately. Avoid using strong degreasing or layerforming products. Should Lithofin Nano TOP need to be touched up, we recommend using Lithofin MN Stain Stop or Lithofin STAINSTOP W.

Keep closed, cool (not under 10°C) and dry. Shelf life: up to 2 years. Open containers should be used quickly.

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