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Lithofin MN Slate Oil

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Lithofin MN Slate Oil is a special product from the LITHOFIN-Range for marble and natural stone (MN). It is a ready-to use protective and care treatment that contains high quality waxes and resins in CFC free solvents.

Lithofin MN Slate Oil invigorates the stone’s colours thereby accentuating the natural structure of the material. Surfaces appear livelier and become water resistant.

Lithofin MN Slate Oil develops an elegant sheen which can be increased through polishing. The colour intensification of the product conceals stains which may be in the surface. Thick layers are not formed because a large portion of the old coat is removed when the product is reapplied.

Lithofin MN Slate Oil is for initial treatment of newly installed surfaces such as stairs, table tops, window sills, etc. Achieves a fresh look and protects the surface. It suitable for regular maintenance work.

Lithofin MN Slate Oil is also suitable for touching up slate surfaces which have faded in colour. Highly suitable for regular care in order to maintain the colour-intensive appearance.

Surfaces: rough to finely honed clay slate surfaces, especially Indian, African and Italian slates. For indoor use only.

Technical Data:
Density: approx. 0.80 g/cm³
Appearance: liquid, colourless, clear
Odour: aromatic
pH-Value: n.a.
Flash Point: >23°C
Solubility in Water: not soluble

Directions for Use:
Shake bottle before use. Newly installed surfaces: the surface to be treated must be completely dry. Evenly and generously apply the product with a sponge or cloth and allow it to dry. Dirty and pre-treated surfaces: Apply generously and, after a few minutes, remove the dissolved residues with a cloth. Then apply again and allow to dry.

Please Note: always try the product in an inconspicuous area prior to use. The gloss level can be increased through polishing. If you are not satisfied with the result, apply again ensuring even distribution. In temperatures below 10°C, the product may separate or discolour. In this case, store the bottle in a warm place and shake until the product has turned clear again.

Drying Time: approx. 10 minutes.

Approx. 20m² per litre depending on the surface.

Further Maintenance:
Lithofin MN Slate Oil is suitable as a maintenance product due to its cleaning properties. In case of stubborn dirt deposits, use MN Power Clean. For regular maintenance, we recommend MN Wash & Clean or EASY CARE.

Keep closed and dry. In temperatures between 10°C and 25°C. Shelf life of up to four years.

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