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BAL External Bedding Mortar

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BAL External Bedding Mortar is a special cement with graded fillers for producing a mortar bed for external use, which allows external pavers and tiles to be fixed to the requirements of BS 7533-4.

BAL External Bedding Mortar is for use in external dry or wet installations, and has been developed for laying a mortar bed before fixing external pavers and tiles. It is suitable for a bed depth from 10mm (Min 25mm on MOT Type 1) up to 100mm thickness.

BAL External Bedding Mortar comes in grey, in 25kg bags.

Key Features:

  • Can be laid from 10mm-100mm
  • > 1hr working time at 20°C
  • Walkable in 12 hours
  • Freeze/thaw resistant
  • Just mix with water

Substrates to receive the Bedding Mortar should be of a suitable Type 1 MOT grade laid to the correct depth and be fully compacted. The sub-base should be stable and not liable to settlement. The application thicknesses detailed above relate to rigid, stable substrates.

All external pavers and tiles should be free of standing or pooling water. This is usually achieved by sloping the external pavers and tiles in one direction to guide the surface water towards a suitable disposal point, i.e., a gully, linear drain, or the edge of the terrace or patio, but wherever possible, surface water is directed away from any buildings. All external pavers and tiles require a stable base.

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