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Ardex S27 Tile Adhesive 20kg

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Ardex S27 Tile Adhesive is a rapid hardening and rapid drying tile adhesive with specific properties for fixing moisture sensitive natural stone, as well as porcelain, mosaics, fully vitrified and ceramic tiles, and rigid foam insulating materials e.g. polystyrene etc. in internal dry locations.

Ardex S27 Tile Adhesive is white in colour and is supplied in 20kg bags.

Ardex S27 Tile Adhesive is suitable for wall and floor tiles and can be used on heated screeds. Incorporating ARDEX Rapidry Technology meaning that the mix water is totally bound into the hardened adhesive which virtually reduces the risk of water staining to moisture sensitive natural stone tiles, or the mix water affecting wooden substrates.

Ardex S27 white is particularly suitable for fixing translucent stones and natural stone where a light coloured background is required.

The designation C2 FTE S1, in accordance with BS EN 12004, classifies Ardex S27 as ‘improved fast setting cemetitious adhesives with reduced slip and extended open time.’
The additional characteristics of Ardex S27, determined in accordance with the test standards listed in BS EN 12004, are a tensile adhesion strength of greater than 1 N/mm2.

The mixed mortar has an extended open time of up to 30 minutes. Ardex S 27 Tile Adhesive adheres strongly to most construction materials such as concrete, cement and sand screeds, heated sub-floors, anhydrite screeds, and existing ceramic tiled surfaces.

A 20kg bag of Ardex S27 Tile Adhesive will yield approximately 19.3 litres of mortar, using approximately 1kg of powder per m2 per mm thickness of adhesive bed.

The actual coverage achieved in practice will depend on the back profile of the tile, notched trowel and technique used to bed the tiles e.g. a 20kg bag will cover approximately 6.4m2 at 3mm thickness.

Technical Data:
Weight of fresh mortar approximately 1.4kg/litre
Working time (20°C) approximately 45-60 minutes
Fixing time (20°C) up to 30 minutes
Adjusting time (20°C) approximately 15 minutes
The pot life of the mixed mortar is approximately 45-60 minutes at 20°C.

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