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Ardex A46 Rapid Repair Mortar

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Ardex A46 Rapid Repair Mortar is a slump free mortar which is ideal for external and internal repairs. The polymer modified mortar sets and hardens rapidly to give a repair of high performance, strength and hardness.

Ardex A46 is ideal for the rapid repair and refacing of concrete surfaces. Should only be used for the non-structural repair of concrete. May also be used as a wearing surface in lightly trafficked areas.

Comes in 5kg and 11kg bags.

Ardex A46 can be used for:
• Filling cracks, gaps and holes.
• Repairing and refacing of concrete stairtreads and risers
• Damaged brickwork (not lightweight concrete)
• Damaged wall renders
• Making good on wall chases
• Filling and patching cracks in walls and floors
• Making good around pipework, door and window frames
• Forming ramps from 2mm to 30mm in thickness
• Forming coves
• Repair soffits, beams and lintels

Ardex A46 can be applied from 2mm to 30mm in thickness. *Small localised repairs can be applied up to 50mm. For larger repairs or thicker applications, incorporate a suitable Ardex Aggregate.

Apply Ardex A46 above 5°­C. Ardex A46 mortar can be bulked out with 1/3 volume of sharp sand (0-5mm grading), or up to an equal volume of Ardex Coarse Aggregate or 3mm single sized aggregate/chippings. For localised thicknesses exceeding 20mm, e.g. filling deep holes and cracks, incorporate up to an equal volume of 10mm single sized coarse aggregate in the mortar.

Ardex A46 is moisture tolerant and frost resistant. Ideal for patch repairs prior to the application of a suitable Ardex Damp Proof Membrane. For further information please contact Ardex Technical Services Department.

Approximately 4m2 at 2mm thick per 11kg bag.
Approximately 1.8m2 at 2mm thick per 5kg bag.
1.4kg powder/m2/mm.
An 11kg bag will produce approximately 8 litres of mortar.
A 5kg bag will produce approximately 3.6 litres of mortar.

Technical Data:
Bulk density of powder approx. 1.3kg/litre
Weight of fresh mortar approx. 1.8kg/litre
Working Time approx. 15 minutes

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