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wedi 610 Adhesive Sealant

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wedi 610 Adhesive Sealant is a single-component adhesive and sealant for adhering and waterproofing wedi Tile Backer Boards and wedi Shower Trays. Available in either a 310ml cartridge for use in a standard c3 sealant gun or as a 600ml foil pack for use in a foil applicator gun.

wedi 610 Adhesive Sealant is a versatile component of the wedi sealing system. It is water-resistant and vulcanises into an elastic adhesive in the presence of humidity. It offers excellent weather and chemical resistance. wedi 610 is free of solvents, silicon and PCP and has low shrinkage. It can be painted according to DIN 52452 part 4.

wedi 610 Adhesive Sealant can be used to adhere wedi boards to various materials including wood, metals (aluminium, galvanised steel, high-grade steel, brass, copper), hard PVC, soft PVC and can also be used with tiles. The adhesive surfaces must be solid, load-bearing, dry and free of grease and dust. Any contaminants such as separating agents, preservatives, grease, oil, dust, water, old adhesives/sealants and any other materials that could impair adhesion must be removed.

Apply wedi 610 evenly onto the adhesive surface under pressure. Make sure that the adhesive bed is at least 2 mm thick so that the hardened adhesive can absorb movements elastically. The hardening time can be reduced by adding moisture and high temperatures. When bonding vapour-proof building materials, the product should be moistened to accelerate hardening. The adhesive and sealant should not be used after the expiry date printed on the packaging.

When the product is applied for sealing of building boards/Fundo joints according to general test certificates under the building regulations, application on both sides is required.

Paints, varnishes, plastics and other coating materials should be compatible with wedi 610 according to DIN 52452 part 1 and must not contain bitumen or tar.

Technical Data:
Basis: Silan terminated polymers, neutrally linking
Colour: light grey
Hardening system: through air humidity
Stability under load: stable, < 2 mm (DIN 52454-ST-U 26-23) Application quantity: > 100 g/min (DIN 52456 – 6 mm)
Specific weight: approx. 1.5 g/cm2 (DIN 52451-PY)
Skin forming time (+23°C /50%): approx. 15 min.
Through hardening (+23°C/50%): approx. 3 mm / 24 hours
Volume change: < -3 % (DIN 52451-PY)
Tensile strength (2 mm film): approx. 2.5 N/mm2
Elongation at break (2 mm film): approx. 400 %
SHORE grade A: approx. 55 (DIN 53505, 4 weeks +23°C / 50 %)
Max. absorption of movement: 10 %
Temperature resistance: approx. -40°C to +100°C
Processing temperature: +5°C to +40°C (component temperature).

Product Datasheet

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310ml, 600ml Foil Pack

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    Work well as suspected. My usual go to supplier was out of stock so I called up Tiling Supplies Direct to see if they have in stock and put in the order shortly after. Although the item cost slightly more than I usually paid but I picked up a grout which balance out the entire cost. Items are well packed and the delivery was quick as the item arrived in 2 days. Happy with the service overall.

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