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Ultra Tile Fix ProSet SS Tile Adhesive

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Ultra Tile Fix ProSet SS is a cementitious wall and floor adhesive with extended workability. It is ideal for both interior and exterior applications where speed of set is not essential. Available in white or grey, in 20kg bags.

Ultra Tile Fix ProSet SS Tile Adhesive is able to take light foot traffic within 18 hours of installation depending upon temperature and substrate.

Ultra Tile Fix ProSet SS is suitable for use in general wall and floor tiling installations of ceramic and porcelain tiles, internally and externally. Ultra Tile Fix ProSet SS is not suitable for use in wet rooms, showers, swimming pools, conservatories and with electric or water underfloor heating.

Ultra Tile Fix ProSet SS is not recommended for use with natural stone tiles, mosaics, marble tiles, granite, terracotta or glass. For these tiles we recommend using Ultra Tile Fix ProFlex SPES Tile Adhesive.

Ultra Tile Fix ProSet SS is suitable for use on substrates such as concrete, sand/cement screeds, stable plaster, plasterboard, sand/cement render, concrete brick/block. Ultra Tile Fix ProSet SS is not suitable for use on plywood overlay, tile backer boards, cement faced fibre boards, existing tiles, or anhydrite/calcium sulphate/gypsum based screeds.

Ultra Tile Fix ProPrimer has been specifically developed to be used as a primer for use with this tile adhesive to provide improved sealing and bonding properties for a variety of substrates.

Apply the adhesive to the required thickness (limits 3mm – 12mm) in areas up to 1m² at a time. For internal walls use a notched trowel to the following notch dimensions to provide solid rib lines:

Mosaic tiles: 3mm x 3mm at 6mm centres
General wall tiles: 5mm x 5mm at 10mm centres
General floor tiles: 8mm x 8mm at 16 mm centres

For floors and external applications we advise to use the solid bed method. This involves applying a uniform bed of adhesive to the floor and “buttering” the back of the tile with the same adhesive. When the tiles are bedded with a twisting action, pressing firmly down it ensures 100% contact is made with both the floor and the tile. When fitting tiles leave spaces between each of the tiles to allow for grouting (approx: walls 1mm – 3mm and floors 2mm – 12mm).

Technical Data:
Unit Size: 20kg Bags
Colours: Grey & White
Classification: EN12004 Class C2TE
Bed Thickness: 3mm – 12mm
Grout After*: 18 hours
Coverage: 4.5kg / m² at 3mm Bed Thickness
Pot Life*: 2 Hours at 20°C
Set Time*: 16 Hours at 20°C
Application Temperatures: 5°C to 25°C
*Depending on temperatures, substrate and site conditions.

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Weight 20 kg

Grey, White


Single 20kg Bag