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Thermosphere Mesh Underfloor Heating

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Thermosphere Mesh Underfloor Heating is an electric underfloor heating wire system with a self adhesive mesh backing. The self adhesive mesh backing is designed to speed up installation times for the installer by holding the heating elements securely in place and protecting them whilst being tiled over.

Thermosphere Mesh Underfloor Heating is designed to be used beneath tile and stone floor installations, and can be used in wet and dry areas. It features a unique twisted element in the construction of the heating cable which is designed to reduce cable stresses and increase longevity. The whole mesh/wire construction totals 3.5mm in thickness. The mesh measures 0.5m in width and is supplied in a single roll. It is designed to be laid in parallel lines and cut (not the cable) then folded back on itself in order to cover the designated area size.

Thermosphere Mesh Underfloor Heating can be used with any thermostat from the Thermosphere range.

Thermosphere Mesh Underfloor Heating is available in 3 different power outputs: 100W/m², 150W/m² and 200W/m².

  • 200W/m² features a faster heat up time for more demanding areas such as wetrooms and conservatories. Available in mat sizes ranging from 1m² to 12m².
  • 150W/m² is designed to provide a primary heat source in adequately insulated properties. Available in mat sizes ranging from 1m² to 16m².
  • 100W/m² is designed to take the chill off tiled floors and can be used as the primary heat source for highly insulated properties. Available in mat sizes ranging from 1.5m² to 10m².

The matting is designed to be installed wire-side-down – this is so that the mesh protects the cable whilst the floor is being laid directly on top. We recommend using a flexible tile adhesive. If a decoupling membrane is specified, we recommend applying a thin layer of self-levelling compound on top of the underfloor heating mesh for a more effective membrane installation. For a more efficient, energy saving heating installation, we recommend installing a tile backer board beneath the Thermosphere Mesh Underfloor Heating – this drastically reduces the downward heat loss, and also results in faster heat-up times.

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100W/m², 150W/m², 200W/m²

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