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ThermoSphere Manual Thermostat

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The ThermoSphere Manual Thermostat is simply a manual temperature controller for ThermoSphere electric underfloor heating, with a sleek, attractive glass display.

Available in two colours, white or black, the ThermoSphere Manual Thermostat is designed for accurate, manual control of electric underfloor heating systems. The unit incorporates simple on/off controls and easy temperature adjustment. The thermostat also features adjustable settings for temperature limits and temperature calibration for improving efficiency.

The ThermoSphere Manual Thermostat comes with a built in ambient temperature sensor and an external floor sensor for accurate temperature measurement. You can also purchase an extra sensor probe to install at the same time, but leave disconnected – so that if the first probe should fail there is a backup that can easily be wired in without having to take up the floor.

The screen can be locked to prevent tampering by holding the up and down arrow together for 5 seconds.

Box Contents:
1 x ThermoSphere Manual Control
1 x Installation guide
1 x 3m floor temperature sensor probe
1 x 2m sensor conduit
2 x Fixing screws

Technical Data:
Supply voltage: 230V 50/60Hz
Maximum load: 16A (3600W)
Backup storage: EEPROM (approx. 1 year backup)
Temperature range: 5 ~ 80°C (0.5°C increments)
Accuracy: ±0.5°C
Sensor rating: NTC 10k� @ 25°C
Consumption: 2W
Warranty: 3 years
IP rating: IP30
Width: 85mm
Height: 85mm
Depth: 46mm (31mm in wall)

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