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Marmox Shower Niches

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Marmox Shower Niches are used to easily form a recess for toiletries within showers and other wet areas. They are made from Marmox Multiboard Tile Backer Board – comprised of an extruded polystyrene core coated on either side with a thin but robust layer of fibreglass reinforced polymer concrete.

Marmox Shower Niches are fixed to the wall usually on a frame so that the front lip of the Niche is flush with the Marmox Multiboard on the wall. The joints between the Niche and the Multiboard are then to be sealed with Marmox Waterproof Tape, creating a fully waterproof installation ready for tiling.

Marmox Shower Niches are available in 4 sizes, measured internally: 400 x 200mm (External measurement: 500 x 300mm), 400 x 300mm (External measurement: 500 x 400mm), 400 x 400mm (External measurement: 500 x 500mm), and 400 x 500mm (External measurement: 600 x 500mm). All sizes can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation.


  • Completely waterproof.
  • Provides thermal insulation.
  • Ready to tile.
  • Lightweight and easy to work with.
  • All niches are made with 12.5mm thick Marmox Multiboard and fit wall cavities 100mm or deeper.
  • Comes already constructed which guarantees the conformity and the size.

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400mm x 200mm, 400mm x 300mm, 400mm x 400mm, 400mm x 500mm


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