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Marmox Plastic Fixing Washers

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Marmox Plastic Fixing Washers are for fixing Marmox Multiboard Tile Backer Boards and other XPS tile backer boards to wooden stud partitioning or other substrates. With the appropriate corrosion resistant screws, these slimline plastic washers grip tightly and become virtually flush with the surface of the Multiboard when screwed in well.

Supplied in a pack of 100 washers.

Each washer measures 35mm in diameter and the hole in the centre is countersunk, allowing it to be fixed flush with the surface of the board/panel when fixing it in place.

Marmox Plastic Fixing Washers are made from high strength white plastic and are supplied in packs of 100 washers.  Each washer has a 4mm hole punched in the centre to allow for a screw. We recommend using 12 washers to fix each 1200 x 600mm board and 24 per 2400 x 600mm board. When you are fixing multiple boards adjacent to each other, you can use one set of washers on the join line between two boards, when fixing the boards to timber stud walling or timber floors.

No surface preparation is required. If Marmox Plastic Fixing Washers are to be used in a wet area, then sealing of the screw penetration will be required. This can be done by adhering a small section of Marmox Self Adhesive Waterproof Tape over the top of each washer/screw or by applying a suitable amount of Marmox MSP360 Sealant and flattening it off over the top of the washer with a spatula knife.

Marmox Plastic Fixing Washers are also available in galvanised steel (Marmox Galvanised Fixing Washers).

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