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Marmox Fixing Dowels

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Marmox Fixing Dowels are plastic fixing dowels for fixing Marmox Multiboard Tile Backer Boards to solid walls made from either brick, concrete or block walls (but not AAC lightweight blocks). Made from high strength plastic, these dowels are comprised of a dowel body with a 50mm diameter fixing head into which a fixing pin is hammered, which secures the dowel in the hole.

Marmox Fixing Dowels can be used on their own to fix boards flush to flat walls or with dabs of tile adhesive when fixing boards to uneven walls. Note: If using with a dab of adhesive then it should be noted that up to an additional 10mm will be added to the overall thickness. Please note: Boards no thinner than 12.5mm should be fixed using these dowels.

Marmox Fixing Dowels are available in two lengths, 90mm and 60mm. Both sizes are supplied in box quantities of 200. The 60mm dowels are for use with board up to 30mm thick, the 90mm dowels are for use with boards from 30mm up to 60mm thick.

Application Instructions:

Before using the Marmox Fixing Dowels, firstly check the wall is flat: Ensure that when the board is against the wall it is flat and IN LINE WITH THE ADJACENT BOARDS. There must be no movement whatsoever. If there are any gaps, or lumps in the wall that may cause the board to move or pivot flatten the wall using a simple sand/cement concrete. If the wall is too uneven to correct, fixing the board to battens will need to be considered.

  1. Apply (cement based) flexible tile adhesive to the wall either in dots, dabs, strips or as a continuous bed but sufficient to provide as much contact with the board.
  2. Press the board firmly against the wall and ensure there is no movement whatsoever.
  3. Continue with the rest of the boards ensuring the levels are the same on each board.
  5. It is recommended that for dotting and dabbing, 8 fixing points per long board (6 around the edge, 2 in the middle) and 5 fixing points per short board (1 in each corner and 1 in the middle) should be used. All the edges must be secure and exhibit no movement.
  6. Drill through the board using a 10mm drill bit through the dabs of tile adhesive. Insert the Marmox Fixing Dowels. Drilled holes should be at least 10mm from the edge of the board and the dowel fixings must penetrate the wall by at least 25mm.
  7. Hammer in the red fixing pin to secure.

Technical Data:
Pull out performance for various base materials – Concrete: 0.80kN Brick: 0.75kN HD Block: 0.45kN
Shear Loading: Maximum recommended shear load per fixing is 0.15kN

Product Datasheet

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