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Mapei Adesilex P9 Tile Adhesive 20kg

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Mapei Adesilex P9 Tile Adhesive is a polymer modified enhanced cementitious tile adhesive with no vertical slip and extended open time for ceramic tiles. Available in Grey or White, in 20kg bags.

Mapei Adesilex P9 is suitable for interior and exterior bonding of ceramic, porcelain tiles and mosaics on floors, walls and ceilings. Also suitable for spot bonding of insulating materials such as expanded polystyrene, rock and glass wool, Eraclit® (wood-cement panels), sound-deadening panels, etc.

Some application examples for Mapei Adesilex P9 Tile Adhesive:
• Bonding ceramic tiles and mosaics on the following substrates:
– conventional renders or cementitious mortar walls;
– interior aerated concrete block walls;
– gypsum or anhydrite after having first applied Primer G or Eco Prim T;
– gypsum board;
– underfloor heating installations;
– cementitious screeds, as long as they are sufficiently cured and dry.
• Tile on tile of existing flooring with tiles up to 900 cm².
• Bonding small sized ceramic tiles in swimming pools and basins.

Mapei Adesilex P9 is a grey or white powder composed of cement, fine-aggregates, synthetic resins and special additives, developed in the MAPEI Research and Development Laboratories.

A mortar with the following properties is obtained when Mapei Adesilex P9 is mixed with water:
• easily workable.
• highly thixotropic; It can be applied on a vertical surface without sagging or slipping even when heavy tiles are used;
• perfect adherence to all materials normally used in building;
• hardens without appreciable shrinkage;
• extended open time.

Mapei Adesilex P9 sets to withstand light foot traffic after approximately 24 hours. Surfaces are ready for use after approximately 14 days. Basins and swimming pools can be filled after 21 days.

Do not use Mapei Adesilex P9:
• on walls or floors subject to extreme flexing or vibration (wood, fibre-cement, etc.);
• on metal surfaces;
• for installations that require a nominal adhesive thickness greater than 5 mm.

Bonding ceramic tiles:
– Mosaics and small sizes in general (trowel n. 4): 2 kg/m²
– Normal sizes (trowel n. 5): 2.5-3 kg/m².
– Large sizes, exterior floors (trowel n. 6): 4 kg/m².

Spot-bonding insulating material:
– Foam, etc. approx. 0.5-0.8 kg/m².
– Gypsum board panels, foamed concrete: approx. 1.5 kg/m².

Technical Data:
Type: powder
Colour: white or grey
Bulk density (kg/m3): 1300
Dry solid content (%): 100
Storage: 12 months in a cool dry place in original packaging
Hazard classification according to EC 99/45: irritant. Before using refer to the “Safety instructions for the preparation and application” paragraph and the information on the packing and Safety Data Sheet.
Customs class: 3824 50 90
Mixing ratio: 100 parts Adesilex P9 White with 28-30 parts water by weight. 100 parts Adesilex P9 Grey with 26-28 parts water by weight.
Consistency of mix: creamy paste
Density of the mix (kg/m3): 1500
pH of mix: 13
Pot life: over 8 hours
Application temperature: from +5°C to +40°C
Open time (acc. EN1346): 30 minutes
Adjustability time: approx. 60 minutes
Ready for grouting on walls: after 4-8 hours depending on absorbency
Ready for grouting on floors: after 24 hours
Set to light foot traffic: 24 hours
Ready for use: 14 days

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