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Mapei Keralastic T Polyurethane Tile Adhesive

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Mapei Keralastic T Polyurethane Tile Adhesive is a two-part, high-performance, highly thixotropic polyurethane adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles and stone material. It can be used indoors and outdoors, for bonding of wall and floor ceramic tiles, stone material mosaics, etc. on screeds, renders, concrete, asphalt, wood, metal, PVC, reinforced polyester, fibre-cement, gypsum, gypsum board, gypsum panels, etc. This highly thixotropic version of Mapei Keralastic has no vertical slip, so is more suited for fixing heavy or large wall tiles.

Mapei Keralastic T is white in colour and is supplied in 5kg or 10kg packs.

Mapei Keralastic T Polyurethane Tile Adhesive is a two-component, solvent and water free adhesive which is flexible and waterproof. Made up of a polyurethane base (component A) and a special hardener (component B). On mixing the two components together, the result is a paste with the following properties: Good workability, excellent durability and resistant to ageing, perfect adhesion to all surfaces used in building, hardens by chemical reaction without shrinkage (until it becomes highly resistant), high deformability.

Mapei Keralastic T is available in a less thixotropic version – the standard Mapei Keralastic Polyurethane Tile Adhesive.

Do not use on very damp surfaces or where there is a risk of rising damp. Mapei Keralastic T is a two-component, high-performance, polyurethane adhesive for ceramic tiles and stone material. The packs are pre-measured, therefore mixing errors are impossible. Do not use partial quantities, a wrong mixing ratio could cause damage during the curing process. Use the product in temperatures between +10°C and +30°C. In case of use on surfaces subject to continuous immersion in water, consult the MAPEI Technical Services Department beforehand. Do not use Mapei Keralastic T to bond transparent glass materials. We advise against using this product on particularly porous or light coloured natural stones – to bond such materials, use Ultrabond Eco PU 2K.

Application Examples: Mapei Keralastic T Polyurethane Tile Adhesive can be used for:

  • Bonding ceramic tiles, stone material and all types of mosaics in showers and on sheets used for prefabricated bathrooms.
  • Bonding ceramic tiles and mosaics on wooden work surfaces or in kitchens in order to achieve a waterproof substrate.
  • Bonding ceramic tiles, stone material and mosaics on balconies, external terraces, domes or at roofs subject to foot traffic.
  • Bonding natural stones and reconstructed stone (marble of every type, slate, etc.) also subject to movement and size variation due to the absorption of water (class C of size stability according to MAPEI standards).
  • Bonding ceramic tiles and stone material on surfaces subject to vibrations and deflections.

Set to light foot traffic: Floors are set to light foot traffic after 12 hours. Surfaces are ready for use after 7 days.

Consumption: Using Mapei Keralastic T for bonding of ceramics and stone material:

  • Mosaics and small size tiles (trowel No. 4): 2.5 kg/m²
  • Normal size tiles (trowel No. 5): 3.5 kg/m²
  • Large size tiles, marble, stones (back buttering): 5 kg/m²

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