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Floor Machine Pads – 17 Inch

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These Floor Machine Pads are for use with electric rotary floor polishing/scrubbing machines, with a diameter of 17 inches. They are designed for use with machines operating up to 600rpm and feature an 85mm push-out hole in the centre to prevent overheating.

These Floor Machine Pads hug uneven floors and can be used on both sides with no loss of efficiency. To extend the life of the pads, brush the pad surface while rinsing with clean water by using the centre push-out piece, and hang to dry.

These Floor Machine Pads are available in 6 variants for different scrubbing/polishing purposes. Each variant is colour coded for easy identification.


  • Black – Stripping, heavy duty wet floor stripping. This pad is an aggressive, heavy duty pad for wet stripping only. Prepares floors for recoating, quickly and easily cuts through old finish, dirt and build-up. Conforms to uneven floors. These pads must only be used on VCT, VAT Sheet Vinyl, Terrazzo, Granite and Concrete Surfaces. It is recommended these pads should be tested for suitability on the surface first in a discreet area, before the full floor is stripped.
  • Blue – Cleaning, moderate scrubbing or heavy spray cleaning. This pad is designed for moderate scrubbing or heavy wet spray cleaning of floors prior to burnishing and polishing. This is an excellent daily cleaning pad, with minimal finish removal.
  • Green – Scrubbing, heavy duty wet scrubbing. This pad is a heavy duty scrubbing pad, ideal for removing surface coatings, ground in dirt and scuff marks. Designed for renovating worn or damaged floor finishes, providing a fresh new surface ready for recoating. Removes dirt, spills and scuffs.
  • Red – This pad is designed for buffing, dry or spray to remove scuff marks and restore shine. Ideal for dry buffing, wet spray buffing and light duty scrubbing. Cleans when damp, buffs when dry. Quickly cleans and removes scuff marks while polishing floors to a high gloss.
  • Tan – This pad is designed for polishing, dry polishing synthetic or natural finishes to high lustre. Dry buff or wet spray buff, producing a beautiful glossy finish, while removing scuffs and black heel marks.
  • White – This pad is designed for polishing to a high gloss. Non-aggressive polishing a clean dry floor, either dry buff or wet spray buff. Ideal for upgrading the final finish after scrubbing or spray buffing. Perfect for polishing soft waxes on hard floors. Removes scuffs and black heel marks and enhances floor appearance.

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