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Fila No Rust – Rust Stain Remover

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Fila No Rust is a surface rust stain remover. The viscous consistency of Fila No Rust allows for intervening directly on the stain to be removed, maximising the product’s efficacy and avoiding wastages.

Fila No Rust is ideal for use on marble, granite, natural stone, agglomerates, porcelain tiles, natural stone, terracotta and concrete.


  • Has a gel-like consistency: it acts directly on the stain you want to remove, thus optimising its effect and avoiding wastage.
  • Acts in just a few minutes: it removes stains in just 15 minutes.
  • Thanks to its non-acidic formulation, it is particularly suited for delicate applications like polished marble.

Usage and application:

No dilution required: Fila No Rust is ready to use.


    • Completely cover the stain with the product.
    • Leave to act for about 15 minutes.
    • The product’s colour will change to deep purple as it reacts with the rust.
    • Once the indicated time has elapsed, remove the residue and rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water, then leave to dry.
    • Repeat the application if necessary.

Caution: If the affected surface was treated with wax, the coating may need renewal. If the purplish mark remains on the surface, rinse thoroughly with water.

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