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Lithofin Abra CLEAN

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Lithofin Abra CLEAN – A special LITHOFIN product developed for professional use. It is a mildly alkaline special cleaner that consists of highly active components with an abrasive effect resulting from nano particles. The gel is easy to use, scented and creates no aggravating or harmful fumes.

Lithofin Abra CLEAN loosens and removes all hardened dirt deposits, grease, oil, wax films, stubborn incrustations, etc. It removes stubborn/deeply engrained dirt and can be used for the intensive cleaning of porcelain and ceramic tiles and natural stone such as granite and similar hard stones.

Lithofin Abra CLEAN is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and also suitable for removing pencil/aluminium marks, and removing the transportation protective coat from porcelain tiles. It can be added as an intensifier to other (non-acidic) cleaners: Apply chosen cleaner, add approx. 20-50% Lithofin Abra CLEAN and mix by brushing. A careful rewash is necessary.

Technical data:
Density: approx.1.3 g/cm³
pH-Value: approx.10
Appearance: viscous-cloudy, beige
Odour: scented

Directions for Use:
Thoroughly vacuum or sweep the surface because sand or similar particles can cause scratches. Lightly wet the surface with water before application. Shake-up the product, then apply onto surface and spread. Allow Lithofin Abra CLEAN to work for about 10 min. Then scrub surface with a brush or machine until all dirt is loose. Rinse surface several times with plenty of water. Clean off application tools before product dries to them.

Please Note: Polished limestone, marble, varnished surfaces and similar sensitive materials can become dull. We recommend testing product prior to use.

Approx. 5-20 m²/L, depending on the type and magnitude of dirt.

Closed and cool. Shelf life: up to 3 years.

Environmental Protection:
The contained tensides are biodegradable according to WRMG. WGK 1 after VwVwS from 17.5.99. Disposal: Containers are made of environmentally friendly polyetylene (PE). Clean containers can be recycled through collection system (see product label).

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