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BAL Superflex Wall Tile Grout

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BAL Superflex Wall Tile Grout is a water/frost-resistant, highly flexible cementitious tile grout for walls. It is available in White or Ivory, in 10kg or 3.5kg bags.

BAL Superflex Wall Tile Grout has a built-in admixture for increased flexibility and high bond strength at edges of tiles/mosaics.

BAL Superflex Tile Grout can be used for:

  • Grouting porcelain, glazed and fully vitrified tiles, glass and ceramic mosaics, marble and natural stone in dry or wet interior and exterior environments.
  • For joint widths: up to 5mm
  • Recommended for swimming pools, power showers and areas of limited movement.

Restrictions: BAL Superflex Wall Tile Grout is NOT suitable for:

  • Food preparation/storage areas, and areas requiring waterproof grouting. Use a BAL Epoxy grout in these cases.

Mix/Usage Data:

  • Powder/Water Ratio: 4:1
  • Pot life at 20°C: 24 hours. Drying time will be extended in colder temperatures, when fixing to impervious backgrounds or when fixing tiles of low porosity.
  • Cure Time at 20°C: 24 hours
  • Specific Gravity: 1.40g/cm3

Surface Preparation:

Before grouting, ensure that:

  1. Tile adhesive has fully set, as indicated on adhesive packaging or BAL Technical Data Sheet.
  2. Open joints clear from excess adhesive and are protected from contamination – and are clean, dry and free from loose debris.
  3. Be consistent with the amount of clean cold water used with the cement-based grout from mix to mix when grouting larger areas.
  4. Lighting conditions during the installation of tile fixing and grouting should not be ‘appreciably different’ from the final (permanent) lighting. Where possible, check the grout colour with the final lighting conditions.
  5. Check colour consistency when using the same grout when applied between different tile types i.e. porous bodied or porous stone tiles vs. porcelain or denser stone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT use BAL Superflex Wall Tile Grout in temperatures below 5°C or in damp conditions.
If grouting porous tiles in temperatures above 25°C, dampen joints with clean water prior to grouting. If grouting externally, provide protection against inclement weather during grouting and for as long as possible afterwards. It is recommended that all external tiling applications include a DPM or a surface DPM can be applied prior to tiling (e.g. BAL DPM).

If grouting a shower installation, BAL Superflex Wall Tile Grout is water-resistant but NOT impervious to water and not a substitute for waterproof systems.

– Provide waterproof tanking protection for all tiling background substrates (e.g. by using BAL Tank -It or BAL Waterproofing Kit For Showers).
– Ensure tiles are fixed with a solid bed with a water-resistant adhesive (e.g. BAL White Star Plus, BAL Flex One / BAL Flex Fibre Plus or BAL Rapid Flex One / BAL Rapid Flex Fibre Plus).


  1. Slowly add 4 parts powder to 1 part clean cold water by weight (e.g. 1kg powder with 0.25 litres water). Mix until smooth paste formed. NOTE: If using electric drill mixer, blend at slow speed (i.e. under 300rpm).
  2. Wait 2-3 minutes, then briefly mix again. Avoid entraining air by mixing at too high speed or by over-mixing.
    Mixed grout working time at 20ºC: approx. 30 minutes.
    NOTE: Do NOT add more water to mixed grout as this would reduce final strength.
    Working time/setting time will vary slightly with temperature: higher temperatures = shorter; lower temperatures = longer.


  1. Check potential staining risk: apply the BAL Superflex Wall Tile Grout mix to a few tiles in small trial area. If discolouration occurs or difficulties are encountered with cleaning off (surplus grout), apply BAL Protective Sealer – and repeat trial.
  2. Work in small areas with a grout float or squeegee. Completely fill tile joints with mixed grout and compact well, removing excess grout from tile surface as work proceeds.
  3. Allow approx. 15 minutes for grout to dry before cleaning tile surface.
  4. Using a dampened sponge or sponge board, clean surface diagonally to grout lines. Rinse out sponge/sponge board frequently with clean water.
  5. When grout has set sufficiently within joints, polish tile surface with dry clean cloth OR give surface final wash with dampened sponge and clean cold water. NOTE: For maximum speed/ease, use a BAL Wash Boy.
  6. Wait minimum 24 hours before subjecting tiles to normal service conditions. NOTE: If completing a swimming pool, do NOT fill pool for at least 3 weeks after grouting (contact BAL Technical Advisory Service for further advice). If completing a shower, do NOT use shower for at least 2 weeks (as required by BS 5385: Part 4:2009, clause 7.2.1 ).

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