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BAL Micromax Silicone Sealant 310ml

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BAL Micromax Silicone Sealant is a unique, high performance, ready to use silicone sealant with built-in Microban antimicrobial protection for walls and floors. Available in the following colours to suit the BAL Micromax2 Grout: White, Ebony, Gunmetal, Manilla, Pebble, Smoke, Jasmine, Anthracite, Dovetail, Hazel, Mahogany, Storm Grey, Taupe Grey, Tornado Sky and Walnut.

BAL Micromax Silicone Sealant is for sealing movement joints in floor and wall installations. Suitable for surfaces such as sanitary, acrylic, fiberglass, glass, glazed, porcelain and painted surfaces in dry and wet interior and exterior environments. If correctly used and applied, the bond obtained will be unaffected by weathering, UV radiation and immersion in water. NOT suitable for Aquariums, Swimming pools, Concrete and Natural stone.

BAL Micromax Silicone Sealant is suitable for use in areas such as Leisure Centres, Bathrooms, Changing Rooms, Restaurants/Food Consumption Areas, Domestic Kitchens, Shopping Malls, Breweries, Food/Drink Processing Plants, Hospitals/Dental Practices/Veterinary Surgeries and Clean Rooms.

Sets in 24 hours. When fully cured, this silicone has a wide service temperature range (-50°C to +200°C) and is unaffected by weather, UV radiation or water immersion. BAL Micromax Silicone Sealant features Microban® antimicrobial protection which inhibits growth of bacteria (e.g. Listeria, Salmonella, E-Coli) and black mould, provides added hygiene protection for bathrooms, showers and food consumption areas.

Coverage: 2.83m/100ml (bead size 6x6mm) Coverage may vary dependent on size of bead. Maximum bead size 25mm.

Shelf Life: 24 months under normal dry conditions. Protect from frost and damp.

Recommended maximum joint with depth: 6mm. For Movement joints or most applications, use in 6x6mm cross section.
1. Cut off tip of cartridge, ensuring there is enough screw thread to attach the nozzle.
2. The cartridge nozzle should be cut to the required width and angle.
3. Place cartridge in caulking gun and apply steady bead of BAL Micromax Silicone Sealant to required area.
4. The surface of the sealant should be tooled to a slightly concave finish within 10 minutes of application.
5. Smooth silicone with wet silicone tool/spatula or similar (NOTE: dilute soup or detergent solution may be used as tooling lubricants, but excessive use should be avoided as this may affect adhesion at the joint edges).
6. Tools should be cleaned immediately after use with a degreasing solvent
7. Masking tape must be removed immediately after tooling, before a skin forms on the surface of the sealant, to achieve a neat edge.
8. Allow to cure (approx. 24 hours per 4mm thickness).

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Snow 310ml, White 310ml, Ebony 310ml, Gunmetal 310ml, Manilla 310ml, Pebble 310ml, Smoke 310ml, Jasmine 310ml, Anthracite 310ml, Dovetail 310ml, Hazel 310ml, Mahogany 310ml, Storm Grey 310ml, Taupe Grey 310ml, Tornado Sky 310ml, Walnut 310ml