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Ardex CA20P Construction Adhesive & Sealant

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Ardex CA20P Construction Adhesive & Sealant is an extremely flexible, single component adhesive and sealant, with excellent bond strength. It is suitable for a wide range of applications as both an adhesive and sealant for floors, walls and general building maintenance in internal or external situations.

Ardex CA20P Construction Adhesive comes in 310ml cartridge tubes for use with any standard sealant gun.

Ardex CA20P Construction Adhesive is ideal for a variety of construction projects including:

  • Bonding skirting boards, dado rails, architrave, kick plates, carpet gripper, aluminium and rigid PVC stair nosings, edge trims and door plates.
  • Sealing gutter cracks
  • Bonding sanitary-ware to tiled surfaces such as ceramic/porcelain, refixing tiles to walls, sealing around baths and sinks, fixing mirrors that do not require a mechanical fixing etc.
  • Adhering metal boxes in chases, plastic conduits to walls, adhering metal trunking.
  • Ceramic tiling repairs.

Ardex CA20P can also be used in underwater applications, either applied to the immersed substrate or to the item to be affixed, making it ideal when minor repairs and alterations need to be carried out in swimming pools, fountains and other wet areas, as a short term solution.

Surface Preparation:
Please note that all surfaces must be hard, sound and free of dust, dirt and other barrier materials.

Note: Removal of Ardex CA 20 P: Remove wet adhesive residue with a clean, dampened cloth with soapy water. If the adhesive has dried or skins over, it must be scraped off with a blade for removal.

Before use ensure the cartridge has been stored at room temperature. Fit the cartridge into the applicator/skeleton gun and cut the nozzle to the desired width/angle.

Ardex CA20P Construction Adhesive can be applied to concrete, cementitious underlayments, wood, plywood, painted surfaces, drywall panels, ceramic tiles, some plastics, metal, waterproofing membranes, polystyrene foam and fibreglass.

If in any doubt regarding compatibility of the substrate or material to be bonded with Ardex CA20P Construction Adhesive, carry out a trial application.

Ardex CA20P will start to skin over within 7 -10 minutes, depending on temperature. As the material reacts with moisture, please note that the skin will develop faster in higher humidity environments.

Ardex CA20P Construction Adhesive has many diverse uses in the construction industry but is not designed for structural purposes where it is required to add strength to the building itself, or fix materials of a structural purpose i.e anchor plates, fireplaces, structural steel.

A 6.35mm (¼”) bead will give approximately 9.75 linear metres (32 linear feet).

Technical Data:
Form: Gunnable paste
Skinning Time: 7-10 minutes
Curing Time: 24 hours assuming on a porous surface
Shrinkage: <1%
Practical Expansion: 25%
Hardness Shore A: Approx. 40
Shear Adhesion
Strength: (2 N/mm2)
Tensile Adhesion
Strength: (1 N/mm2)
VOC: 0 g/L

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