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Schluter LIPROTEC LLPE LED Tile Trim

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Schluter LIPROTEC LLPE LED Tile Trim is an LED module consisting of a flexible, fully encased LED strip with homogenous light dispersion and a carrier profile made of anodised aluminium. The profile is designed for use in external and internal corners in shower areas, preferably positioned vertically.

The Schluter LIPROTEC LLPE LED Tile Trim comes with a RGB+W LED strip that makes it possible to choose from more than 16 million hues and colour temperatures from 2500K – 6500K. The strip has a fully waterproof IP67 rating which makes it suitable for use on walls in shower areas.

The Schluter LIPROTEC LLPE LED Tile Trim comes in 2.5m lengths only. The trim and LED modules can be shortened if required – the RGB+W LED modules can be shortened every 62.5mm. The LED module needs to be re-sealed after shortening to retain it’s waterproof rating – specially designed end caps and sealing compound are included with each module set.

Each Schluter LIPROTEC LLPE LED Tile Trim module features a simple cable connection and is designed to be used with the Schluter LIPROTEC Power Supply Unit. These are available in different power outputs to suit varying combined lengths of LED profiles – the RGB+W LED modules can be a maximum combined length of 6 metres.

The Schluter LIPROTEC LLPE LED Tile Trim modules can be simply wired up to a standard light switch to turn off or on. As it features RGB+W LEDs, this trim also requires the addition of the Schluter LIPROTEC Bluetooth Wireless control in order to change the colour output of the LED’s. Additional accessories such as the Schluter LIPROTEC Cable Connectors, Y-switch distributors and wall boxes for waterproof sealing of the connections are also available separately.

An end cap is also available, which can be used to create a neat termination at either end of the trim. This is secured with the supplied screws.

Schluter LIPROTEC LLPE9 (RGB+W) LED Module Technical Data:
Dimensions of LED (WxH): 17 x 14.5mm
Rated output (W/m): 15
Number of LED (u/M): 112
Colour temperature (Kelvin): RGB+W (2700K)
CRI: 90
Can be shortened every 62.5mm

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2.5m, End Cap


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