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Montolit Mastertech Diamond Hand Pads

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The Montolit Mastertech Diamond Hand Pads are hand pads with a vacuum-brazed diamond abrasive surface, for smoothing the sharp edges of tiles.

They are designed to be used for smoothing and finishing corners and edges of ceramic, glass and porcelain tiles and coverings in marble and granite. They can be used wet or dry.

The Montolit Mastertech Diamond Hand Pads are available in two different diamond grits, 60 (blue) and 200 (red). The blue medium 60 grit pad is for hard tiles, such as porcelain, klinker and granite – the fine red 200 grit pad is for single-fired tiles, double-fired tiles, terracotta, marble and glass. The two colours help to identify the different grits easily.

These diamond hand pads are made using a special diamond deposition technology, for enhanced durability and a long service life. When using the pads, try to utilise the entire diamond surface when rubbing on the surface being treated. This maximises surface life.

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Fine 200 Grit (Red), Medium 60 Grit (Blue), 200 & 60 Grit Twin Pack