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Kerakoll Aquastop 120 Sealing Tape, Corners & Flanges

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The Kerakoll Aquastop 120 system is for fully waterproof sealing of all joints, corners and pipes in wet areas such as wet-rooms and showers. It is for use under ceramic, porcelain tiles and natural stone installations in internal and external areas.

The Kerakoll Aquastop 120 system consists of a 120mm x 50m sealing tape, internal and external corners, and sealing flanges for sealing around extruding pipes.

Kerakoll Aquastop 120 Sealing Tape, Corners & Flanges are designed to be bonded with Kerakoll Aquastop Nanoflex and Nanodefense Eco waterproofing membranes.

Areas of use:
For internal and external use on cement-based substrates, plasterboard and metal for wall-floor connection joints and fractionising joints. For waterproofing of joints in external surfaces (balconies, terraces) and standard sanitary environments (kitchens, shower cabinets, bathrooms, saunas).


Preparation of substrates:
The substrate must be cured, clean, solid and dry. For this purpose, oil, grease, loose parts, previous paint coats, cement slurries or coverings of any type must be removed. The method used to clean the substrate will depend on the type of surface, sandblasting being the ideal technique. The edges of concrete joints must be smoothed with a sander to remove any sharp ribbing.

The Kerakoll Aquastop 120 system is ready-to-use. Bond overlapping sections on-site using eco-friendly membranes Kerakoll Aquastop Nanoflex, Nanodefense Eco and Aquastop Fix sealant.

Kerakoll Aquastop 120 can be applied to horizontal and vertical joints. Laying is performed by bonding the mesh edges. To bond the tape, apply the waterproofing product to the already prepared substrate with a spreader. Lay the joint tape with the mesh side printed with the words Kerakoll facing upwards. Apply the second coat of waterproofing product to the fabric. Both the fabric edge and 5-10 mm of the tape must be covered. Where jointing operations involve corners, edges, pipes and drains, use special connection sections (internal corner, external corner, flanges).
The different elements must be connected using the waterproof membrane, overlapping the edges by at least 20 mm.

Technical Data:
Appearance: green tape
Shelf life: unlimited
Pack: 50 m rolls
Nature of material: thermoplastic NBR
Section width: ≈ 20-80-20 mm (mesh/NBR/mesh)
Thickness: ≈ 0.6 mm
Weight: ≈ 60 g/m

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50m x 120mm Sealing Tape, Internal Corner, External Corner, 120mm Sealing Flange, 350mm Sealing Flange