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wedi Sanwell Niches

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wedi Sanwell Niches are prefabricated wall niches used to create tiled storage shelves/areas in bathrooms and wet rooms, for storing bath and shower utensils. They provide a factory-made, watertight element that can be easily installed and saves a lot of time compared to constructing the element by hand.

wedi Sanwell Niches are constructed from the same materials as the wedi Tile Backer Board, each niche consists of a blue core made from extruded polystyrene rigid foam that is reinforced with glass fibre (with alkali-resistant finish) on both sides and coated with a polymer-modified cement. This core is 100% waterproof and remains fully functional even after possible damage.

wedi Sanwell Niches are available in two sizes – 20/40 and 30/60, made from either 10mm or 12.5mm thick wedi Board. Click on the links below to view the technical drawing for each niche.

074315410 – 234 H x 434 W x 100mm D – 20/40, 10mm flange
074315411 – 334 H x 634 W x 100mm D – 30/60, 10mm flange
074315420 – 234 H x 434 W x 70mm D – 20/40, 12.5mm flange
074315421 – 334 H x 634 W x 70mm D – 30/60, 12.5mm flange

Technical Data:
CO2-foamed, extruded polystyrene rigid foam with closed cell structure and flame-retardant additive. The polystyrene rigid foam is HCFC and CFC-free.
Long-term compressive strength (50 years) ≤ 2% compression EN 1606: 0.08 N/mm2
Compressive resistance or compressive strength at 10% compression EN 826: 0.25 N/mm2
Associated module of elasticity EN 826: 10 – 18 N/mm2
Thermal conductivity EN 13164: 0.036 W/mK
Tensile strength EN 1607: 0.45 N/mm2
Shearing resistance EN 12090: 0.2 N/mm2
Shear modulus EN 12090: 7 N/mm2
Bulk density EN 1602: 32 kg/m3
Resistance to water vapour diffusion (μ) EN 12086: 100
Water absorption under long-term immersion EN 12087: ≤ 1.5 % by vol.
Capillary action: 0
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.07 mm/mK
Temperature limits: -50°C / +75°C
Fire behaviour EN 13501: E
Carbon dioxide propellant GWP value: 1

Product Datasheet Installation Instructions

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20/40, 10mm flange, 30/60, 10mm flange, 20/40, 12.5mm flange, 30/60, 12.5mm flange


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