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wedi Joint Reinforcement Tape

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wedi Joint Reinforcement Tape is an alkali-resistant glass fibre reinforced fabric that is used during the installation of wedi building and tile backer boards.

wedi Joint Reinforcement Tape is designed for reinforcing corner, connection and butt joints when using wedi tile backer boards indoors. It can also be used to reinforce wedi Construct (slotted/grooved) building boards to create curved, semicircular or rounded shapes.

Available in two sizes, 125mm x 25m and 600mm x 50m. Both sizes are available with or without a self-adhesive backing.


This tape is designed to be embedded into a thin layer of mortar that is applied directly over the board joint, then covered with a another thin layer of mortar. For joint reinforcement, the reinforcement tape must always be applied centrally over the joint. If it is laid over the entire area (using the 600mm tape), the individual rows of tape should overlap by 50 mm.

Product Datasheet - 125mm Product Datasheet - 600mm

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125mm x 25mm, 125mm x 25mm Self-Adhesive, 600mm x 50mm, 600mm x 50mm Self-Adhesive