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wedi 320 Tile Adhesive 25kg

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wedi 320 Tile Adhesive is a flexible thin-bed mortar based on a hydraulic bonding agent which can be used anywhere. Normal drying time. Comes in 25kg bags.

wedi 320 Tile Adhesive is a hydraulic binding agent-based, highly polymer modified quick-drying thin-bed mortar in accordance with DIN 18157 for full surface setting and laying of wedi Tile Backer Boards, wedi Fundo Shower Trays (Primo, Ligno, Riolito, Riofino, Plano, Integro) and wedi Subliner Dry/Subliner Dry&Flex Matting. In addition, wedi 320 Tile Adhesive can be used for the bonding of tiles, glass mosaics and split tiles as well as natural and artificial stone slabs.

wedi 320 Tile Adhesive can also be used on plasters made from cement, lime or gypsum, screed, concrete and prefabricated concrete elements (at least 3 months old), gypsum fibre boards, aerated concrete, mastic asphalt and insulating boards as well as the wedi sealing tape system.

In addition, wedi 320 Tile Adhesive is suitable for bonding of stoneware tiles, tile on tiles and for the laying of ceramic tiles and slabs on screeds with underfloor heating and anhydrite floating screeds etc. (The requirements in the “Ceramic tiling and slabs, natural and artificial stone on heated floor constructions” data sheet, 2007 edition, must be fulfilled.)

wedi 320 high-quality tile adhesive is characterised by its stability under load and coverage, its creamy consistency, ease of use and long open time. The quality of wedi 320 is documented by the tested product properties C2 TE in accordance with DIN EN 12004.

Surface requirements:
All surfaces must be solid, load-bearing, even and not deformable. Surfaces must be free from dust, dirt, loose components and separating agents such as oil, grease, wax, varnishes and paint.

Highly absorbent, mineral surfaces (powdery cement plasters, gypsum plasters, anhydrite screeds* etc.) must be primed with dispersion primer. Any layers of sinter must be removed in advance. Smooth, non-absorbent surfaces (e.g. old tiles) and old paint, carpet adhesive etc. that cannot be removed must be primed with adhesive and contact primer.

In case of doubt, wedi 320 Tile Adhesive should previously be tested on a small area!

The residual moisture content must not exceed the following values:
Cement screeds: 2,0%
Calcium sulphate screeds: 0,5%
Heated calcium sulphate screeds: 0,3%
Gypsum based plasters: 1,0%
(measurement with CM instrument)
Magnesite screeds must be primed with epoxy resin primer.

Add 25 kg of powder to approx. 7,5 litres of cool water in a clean container and mix vigorously and evenly (spiral mixer) until a smooth, lump-free and paste-like mortar is formed. If synthetic resin is also used, the quantities of this and the water must be calculated. Allow the mixture to mature for at least 3 minutes. Then stir it again. The processing time at normal temperature is approx. 5 hours.

First apply wedi 320 Tile Adhesive with a smoothing trowel to create a contact layer on the surface. Then use a suitable grooved spatula or trowel to comb through the product to ensure full-surface bonding of the tiles. Depending on the absorbency of the surface and the air temperature, the adhesive can be pre-applied in one go for a large area (approx. 1–1,5 m², open time approx. 20–30 minutes).

Under no circumstances must the mortar bed be allowed to form a skin (test with your finger). Depending on the absorbency of the tiles, they can be realigned for up to a maximum of approx. 15 minutes.

Wait for at least 24 hours or until the adhesive has hardened before starting to grout the tiles. wedi 320 Tile Adhesive will take longer to bond on non-absorbent surfaces and low-absorbency tiles. The adhesive bed must be allowed to dry out properly by taking appropriate measures to protect it from the weather or by allowing sufficient drying time before grouting in order to guarantee permanent adhesion of the adhesive bed in damp areas outdoors and indoors.

4 × 4 Notch trowel: approx. 1.3 kg/m²
6 × 6 Notch trowel: approx. 2.2 kg/m²
8 × 8 Notch trowel: approx. 2.8 kg/m²

Technical Data:
Mixing ratio: approx. 7,5 litres of water to 25 kg of powder
Processing time: approx. 5 hours
Tile application time (open time): approx. 20–30 minutes (depending on absorbency and temperature)
Realignment time: up to approx. 15 minutes
Hard enough to walk on/grout: after approx. 24 hours
Suitable for underfloor heating: yes
Processing (air) temperature: min. +5 °C, max. +30 °C
Thickness of adhesive bed: up to max. 5 mm

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