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Ultra Tile Fix ProSuper White Tile Adhesive 15kg

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Ultra Tile Fix ProSuper White is a ready mixed acrylic wall tile adhesive with a brilliant white colour, ideal for applications using white grout. Available in 15kg tubs.

Ultra Tile Fix ProSuper White has been specially formulated to provide increased water resistance and is therefore suitable for wall areas with constant wetting i.e. changing rooms, power showers, kitchens and bathrooms, where vibration is also likely. The product contains an antifungal additive, which prevents the build up of mould. NB: Porous natural stone tiles need to be checked for compatibility to avoid staining.

Ultra Tile Fix ProSuper White is suitable only for interior wall tiling installations in wet rooms, domestic showers, communal showers and conservatories. It is not suitable for use in swimming pools or with electric or water underfloor heating.

Ultra Tile Fix ProSuper White is suitable for most tiles – ceramic tiles, porcelain, mosaics, marble, travertine, granite, limestone, terracotta, quarry and slate tiles. Please note that when using non-porous tiles such as porcelain, the drying time for the adhesive will be substantially increased.

Ultra Tile Fix ProSuper White is suitable for use on most substrates – concrete, tile backer boards, cement faced fibre boards, existing tiles, firms and stable plaster, plasterboard, sand/cement render and concrete brick/block.

Apply adhesive to the surface by use of a notched trowel. Bed tiles in firmly with a slight twisting action. Clean off excess adhesive from the tile face with a damp cloth and rake excess from the grout lines before it sets. Leave for a minimum of 18 hours before grouting (on impervious or sealed surfaces a longer amount of time will be required). Do not apply more than 1m² of adhesive before tiling commences, as skinning may occur. If skinning does occur it can affect the bond. Maximum bed thickness is 3mm, achieved by using a 6mm by 6mm notched trowel. Spot bonding is not recommended.

Technical Data:
Unit Size: 15kg Buckets
Colours: Brilliant White
Classification: EN12004 Class D2TE
Bed Thickness: 3mm
Grout After†: 18 hours
(This is not the product’s set time)
Coverage: 1.8kg per m²
Open Time†: 20 Minutes
Adjustment Time†: 20 Minutes
Application Temperatures: 5°C to 25°C
†Depending on temperatures, substrate, porosity of substrate and tile and site conditions.

Product Datasheet

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Weight 15 kg