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Ultra Tile Fix ProLevel One Floor Leveller

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Ultra Tile Fix ProLevel One is a single part, high strength, rapid drying and curing cementitious smoothing and levelling compound. Available in 20kg bags.

The formulation of Ultra Tile Fix ProLevel One incorporates a blend of specially graded fillers, cements and polymers with a rapid curing profile to enable early fixing of tiles even at thicker depth applications.

Ultra Tile Fix ProLevel One provides a strong, sound, even base which creates an idea substrate for the fixing of small or large tiles, allowing the tiling process to begin after only 8 hours. Its fast set time (in good ambient conditions) enables light foot traffic in 3 hours.

Ultra Tile Fix ProLevel One is suitable for a wide range of substrates – concrete subfloors, tamped or pan floated concrete, sand/cement screeds, existing smoothing compounds, terrazzo/granolithic ceramic tiles, anhydrite/calcium sulphate/gypsum based screeds, plywood/tile backer board and warm water underfloor heating. Ultra Tile Fix ProLevel One is not suitable for use with electric underfloor heating, vinyl tiles or prior to using a DPM or MVS.

Mixing ratios of powder and water should be controlled to ensure a free flowing material suitable for 3-60mm application. Do not use excess water as this will affect the product performance and finish. For trowel/hand application mix in a clean bucket using clean cold water, as warm water will greatly reduce the working time of Ultra Tile Fix ProLevel One and may result in shrinkage. Pour 3.4 litres of water into an oversized bucket (20+ litres), and then gradually add the powder whilst mixing continually with an electric drill with power whisk. When all powder is added mix for a further 2 minutes, keeping the whisk below the surface (to minimise air entrapment) until a lump free creamy material is attained.

Once mixed, Ultra Tile Fix ProLevel One can be applied by pouring onto the floor and spreading with a smooth edge steel trowel. Plan to begin at the furthest point working back towards the point of entry to avoid walking through wet product. Maintain a wet edge to ensure adjacent mixes blend in correctly. For large areas or deep sections it may be beneficial to batten off areas into sections. Keep free from floor traffic and other trades whilst curing.

Technical Data:
Classification: CT-C35-F6
Depth: 3-60mm
Working time at 20°C: *20-30 Minutes
Walk on hardness time at 20°C: *3 Hours (3mm application)
Commence the tiling process:
*8 Hours (3mm application)
*24 Hours (5-15mm application)
*48 Hours (15-30mm application)
*72 Hours (30-50mm application)
For depths above 50mm leave 7 days before commencing the tiling process.
(*Depending on substrate porosity, nature of flooring and notes in Curing & Drying above.)
Compressive Strength (N/mm²): 28 Days: 35.0 (to BS EN 13892-2)
Flexural Strength (N/mm²): 28 Day: 6 (to BS EN 13892-2)


Applied Thickness
Coverage Per Unit (approx.)
Consumption Per 10m² Area
2.5 bags
4.2 bags
8.4 bags
12 bags

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