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Tile Backer Board Panels

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Tile Backer Board Panels create the ultimate substrate for tiling onto, or applying render finishes to floors or walls. They can be fixed directly to timber or metal studwork instead of plasterboard and can be used to replace ply for strengthening floors or to cover old tiles and plaster instead of removing the ‘old surface’ and replastering.

Tile Backer Board Panels are manufactured using a high-density extruded polystyrene core with a polymer modified, glass fibre reinforced cement coating on both sides, which adds rigidity and strength. This polystyrene core is a superb insulator, making these boards ideal for laying beneath underfloor heating to increase efficiency by reducing heat loss. These construction elements result in lightweight, yet durable and strong tile backer board panels that are far easier and faster to work with than all other types of building board, such as ply, plasterboard and mdf.

The glass fibre reinforced coating creates a smooth, extremely durable surface that is ideally suited for the application of tile adhesives and other mortars. This eliminates the common causes of tile failure that are associated with panels made from MDF, chipboard, plywood, plaster and plasterboard. And unlike conventional wood-based boards, these panels are suitable for exterior use.

Tile Backer Board Panels are ideal for bathrooms, showers, wet rooms, and swimming pools, but require the application of waterproofing materials to the joints between the boards to ensure that there are no leaks. Click here to view our range of waterproofing products that are suitable for use with these boards. We recommend Megatape Waterproofing Tape for easy and quick sealing of the joints between boards.

These panels are available in thicknesses from 4mm to 50mm, and in the following panel sizes – 1200mm x 600mm, 2400mm x 600mm and 2400mm x 1200mm. The smaller size boards are the optimum size for applying to standard wall and floor areas, while the larger sizes are designed to cover large floor and wall areas with the minimum amount of joints.

We recommend using Tile Backer Board Fixing Washers along with wood screws or other fixing screws to fix these panels to timber floors or stud walling. When fixing the panels to uneven masonry or brickwork, we recommend using Dukkaboard Fixing Dowels along with a suitable adhesive to securely fix them in place.

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