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Sigma Series 3 MAX Tile Cutter

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The Sigma Series 3 MAX Tile Cutter is a ‘Push to cut’ high performance tile cutter for diagonal and straight cuts on ceramic and porcelain tiles.

The Sigma Series 3 MAX Tile Cutter is a heavy duty version of the standard Sigma Series 3 Tile Cutter, and has an extra 200kg of breaking force. Also has a full aluminium die-cast construction for maximum durability and lightness. Finished in an epoxy paint finish for maximum resistance against scratches and corrosion.

This cutter features an ergonomic breaking handle optimized for cutting tiles by pushing. Features chromed guide rails and ball bearings for a smooth and reliable breaking action. This handle is also fitted with a non-marking breaking contact point to prevent marking tiles when breaking them. It also features side extensions to support extra large tiles and comes with a fully adjustable metric scale and diagonal measure, which also folds up for easy transport/storage.

The Sigma Series 3 MAX Tile Cutter is available in 7 sizes. All have a breaking force of 1200kg and are capable of cutting tiles up to 20mm thick.

3L3M – straight cuts up to 500mm.
3B4M – straight cuts up to 620mm.
3C3M – straight cuts up to 720mm.
3D4M – straight cuts up to 900mm.
3P3M – straight cuts up to 1000mm.
3E4M – straight cuts up to 1270mm.
3F4M – straight cuts up to 1560mm.

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3G3M – 400mm, 3L3M – 500mm, 3B4M – 620mm, 3C3M – 720mm, 3D4M – 900mm, 3P3M – 1000mm, 3E4M – 1270mm, 3F4M – 1560mm