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Schluter KERDI LINE V50 G2 Linear Drain

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The Schluter KERDI LINE V50 G2 Linear Drain is a component linear drainage system for the construction of floor level showers with ceramic tiles, natural stone, or other coatings. It consists of a deep-drawn stainless steel channel body as well as a grate and frame top section that can be seamlessly adjusted to the thickness of the covering with the help of the installation aid included in the set.

The Schluter KERDI LINE V50 G2 Linear Drain features a vertical drainage outlet that is equipped with an odour trap that is integrated into the drain body, and can be positioned at intermediate or perimeter locations in the floor. In accordance with DIN 1253, it has a drain capacity of ≥ 1.0 l/s (with 20 mm head of water) and a water trap height of 50 mm. Height of channel support: DN 50 (50 mm) = 48 mm.

The Schluter KERDI LINE V50 G2 Linear Drain is available in lengths from 500mm to 1800mm, in 100mm increments. This length value refers to the internal size of the channel trap – the external length of the body is 50mm more for each size, due to the 25mm flange that runs round the entire top edge of the channel body. This flange comes pre-adhered with a sealing collar made of Schluter KERDI 200 Membrane. It ensures the reliable connection of the channel body to the bonded waterproofing assembly, both in the floor area and on upright walls. It can be universally used for intermediate installation in floor or at wall areas.

The Schluter KERDI LINE V50 G2 Linear Drain is designed to be combined with the KERDI LINE Standard, KERDI LINE STYLE Contour Grate/Frame Sets and the KERDI LINE D frameless tile cover support, which are purchased separately.

the Schluter KERDI LINE V50 G2 Linear Drain can also be used with the Schluter pre-formed sloped linear shower trays – Schluter KERDI SHOWER LT/LTS Shower Trays.

When the Schluter KERDI LINE V50 G2 Linear Drain is used in conjunction with the waterproofing systems Schluter KERDI 200 Membrane, Schluter DITRA 25 Matting, Schluter DITRA HEAT Matting or Schluter KERDI BOARD and the associated system sealing adhesives Schluter KERDI COLL L or Schluter KERDI FIX, this results in certified bonded waterproofing assemblies with a connected linear drainage.

The Schluter KERDI LINE V50 G2 Linear Drain channel bodies with lengths up to 1200 mm are made of formed stainless steel V4A (material no. 1.44404 = AISI 316L). For lengths of 1300 mm to 1800mm, they are made of angled and welded stainless steel V4A (material no. 1.44404 = AISI 316L). The channel bodies feature an adhesive flange with a factory-attached Schluter KERDI collar on the surface. This is a soft polyethylene waterproofing membrane with fleece fabric laminated on both sides. Depending on the type, drain bodies are made of high-impact polypropylene (PP) or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The odour trap is made of fibre-reinforced polypropylene (PP).

Schluter KERDI LINE V50 G2 Linear Drain installation:

  1. Determine the position of the linear drainage and create a core drilling hole/ceiling opening for the drain casing. Then place the drain casing in this location.
  2. To achieve the minimum assembly height of 48 mm, shorten the adapter (maximum insertion depth 90 mm) up to a minimum insertion depth of 30 mm.
  3. Reattach the adapter to the channel body and screw it firmly into place.
  4. Apply thin-bed adhesive to create a level substrate in the area of the channel support. Place the channel body with the channel support on the drain casing and firmly push it in. If necessary, apply spots of adhesive for height adjustment. For wall installation, the channel body must be aligned in accordance with the distance from the wall and thickness of the wall covering (see installation examples 4a and 4b in the instructions in the product datasheet).
  5. Now apply the sloped screed (2%) of the shower area.
  6. Apply thin-bed adhesive to the screed. A notched trowel size of 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 mm is recommended for installing Schluter DITRA 25 Matting. Use size 6 x 6 mm for installing Schluter DITRA HEAT Matting.
  7. Now adhere Schluter DITRA 25 or DITRA HEAT, sealing seams with Schluter KERDI KEBA Sealing Tape and Schluter KERDI COLL L Adhesive.

Product Datasheet

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