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Schluter KERDI LINE A/B/C Grates & Frames

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The Schluter KERDI LINE A/B/C Grates & Frames are profile frames made from either brushed or polished stainless steel, for use with the Schluter KERDI LINE range of linear channel drain traps. They are available in lengths from 500mm to 1800mm, in 100mm increments – to suit the entire Schluter KERDI LINE range of drain channel drains – H, H50 G2, F, V/VS/ VOS, V50 G2, and G3. (Please note that Design C is not compatible with the KERDI LINE G3 Linear Drain)

This standard range of grates/frames are available in 3 designs: A (solid cover), B (laser cut square quadra holed design) or C (for inset tiles, suitable up to 15mm in thickness). Each variant is made from V4A stainless steel, available in either a brushed (EB) or chrome polished (EP) finish, to suit chromed bathroom fittings. Please note: The polished finish is only available in lengths up to 1200mm. The brushed finish is available in all lengths.

The frames are seamlessly height adjustable to accommodate covering materials. They are available as standard with a height of 19mm (for covering thicknesses from 3-15mm) for all lengths and designs. There also is a 30mm height frame available for covering thicknesses from 13-25mm – however this option is only available for designs A and B, in the brushed stainless steel finish, up to 1200mm in length.

Also available is the Schluter KERDI LINE STYLE range of grates/frames – slim contour frames with elegant design covers, and the Schluter KERDI LINE D – a frameless tile covering support to create a truly seamless appearance. Please note that the Schluter KERDI LINE A/B/C Grates & Frames are not compatible with the KERDI LINE STYLE Frames.

Installation of the grate and frame:

1.Insert the frame with the spacer strip.
2.Use the height adjustment aid to match the frame to the covering thickness – see drawing on the datasheet linked below for details.
3.Fill thin-bed adhesive underneath the frame on all sides and fully embed the covering.
4.Remove the spacer strip and height adjustment aid after curing. Now install the grate.
Note: When installing a profile frame with polished finish, remove the protective foil prior to grouting. Residue of adhesive and tile adhesive should be removed immediately.

Product Datasheet

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19mm x 500mm, 19mm x 600mm, 19mm x 700mm, 19mm x 800mm, 19mm x 900mm, 19mm x 1000mm, 19mm x 1100mm, 19mm x 1200mm, 19mm x 1300mm, 19mm x 1400mm, 19mm x 1500mm, 19mm x 1600mm, 19mm x 1700mm, 19mm x 1800mm, 30mm x 500mm, 30mm x 600mm, 30mm x 700mm, 30mm x 800mm, 30mm x 900mm, 30mm x 1000mm, 30mm x 1100mm, 30mm x 1200mm