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Schluter KERDI FLEX Flexible Sealing Tape

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Schluter KERDI FLEX Flexible Sealing Tape is a flexible, waterproof sealing band made from polyethylene, used to seal matting connections directly above movement joints. Available in 30 metre or 5 metre rolls, in the following widths: 125mm and 250mm.

Movement or expansion joints require special consideration, even when using KERDI 200 waterproofing membrane or DITRA matting. Schluter KERDI FLEX Flexible Sealing Tape, and KERDI-COLL-L waterproofing adhesive provides reliable waterproofing of these joints. The sealing band and KERDI-FIX adhesive also create a sealed connection to structural components, such as bathtubs or shower trays, or even around window openings. The fleece surface of the tape ensures a reliable bond with whatever tile adhesive is used on top.

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125mm x 5m, 125mm x 30m, 250mm x 5m, 250mm x 30m